ADNOC Rewards Tiers

Platinum | Gold | Silver

ADNOC Rewards Tiers

Tiers offer unique benefits and privileges to Rewards members

Members can then advance through each TIER by collecting ‘FALCONs’

Rewards has SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM tiers in offer, each delivering an expanded suite of rewards to customers. FALCONS earned in a 12-month period will get you into a tier

What are the Tiers?



Members with 200 FALCONs will qualify for PLATINUM


Members with 100 FALCONs will qualify for GOLD


Members with 40 FALCONs will qualify for SILVER


Everybody can join the program as a BLUE member


Find answers to frequently asked questions
TIERS are different levels that members can achieve after registering to the ADNOC Rewards program. Each TIER offers unique benefits and privileges to the member.

The Rewards program will have four Tiers/Levels

Level 1 – BLUE (Lowest)

Level 2 – SILVER

Level 3 – GOLD

Level 4 – PLATINUM (Highest)

 Members can collect one FALCON for doing any of the below –

A. Fuel purchase of AED 75 and above – includes ULG 91, 95 or 98

B. Non-fuel purchase of AED 20 and above – includes eligible products purchased from Oasis, Car Wash, Oil change, EV, LPG ordered from ADNOC Dist mobile application.

FALCONs cannot be used and do not have any monetary value. FALCONS are collected on every eligible purchase and is used to calculate the member’s TIER.
Yes, FALCONs will expire in 12 months from date of collection by the member. Only FALCONS collected in the last 12months are considered for TIER eligibility calculations.

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