Marine Lubricants

ADNOC Distribution manufactures a wide range of marine lubricants to meet the rugged performance required for marine vessels for optimized protection and prolonged engine and component life on the water.

Marine Lubricants

Our Marine Product Range

Trunk Piston and Marine Cylinders Oils

Our high-performance trunk piston and marine cylinder oils are of the highest quality, made from solvent-refined paraffin base oils and a top-notch additive package. Its formulation is specifically designed for modern high-output marine diesel engines.

Stern Tube and System Oils

Made from paraffinic high viscosity index oils and premium additives that include a lubricity agent and non-ionic emulsifier, ensuring the highest possible quality. You can rest assured that our oil is top-notch and will exceed your expectations.

Outboard Oil

Our ashless lubricant oil has been specially developed to fulfill the essential needs of high-performance, water or air cooled two-stroke gasoline engines.

ADNOC Lubricants Product Catalog

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