A leader in environment and carbon neutrality.


Our People

Work force Diversity

Over 13,000 employee from more than 75 nationalities in ADNOC Distribution’s workforce.

Employee Engagement

  • We saw an impressive increase in our employee engagement and experience results in 2023, observed a significant decrease in the turnover rate of full-time employees at ADNOC Distribution compared to the previous year, , reflecting our success in fostering a supportive and engaging work environment and signaling a positive shift in employee retention and contentment.
  • ADNOC Distribution intends to improve its labor-management performance in 2024 by amplifying the communication of Human Capital initiatives and policies, applying excellence in HC services, enhancing HC customer satisfaction, and improving employee engagement.

Talent Acquisition

ADNOC Distribution’s 100X Your Wellbeing program was recognized with a GCC GOV HR Award for its innovative approach and successful execution

Employee Well being

  • Our strategic approach to employee wellbeing culminated in our 100X Your Wellbeing program, which was first established in 2022. Through this holistic program we ensure a relentless focus on social, mental and spiritual, financial and physical health and wellbeing of our employees.
  • Our 100X Your Wellbeing program was recognized with a GCC GOV HR Award for its innovative approach and successful execution.
  • In 2023, the program delivered more than 40 different initiatives with around 25,000 people participations.

Our Corporate Social Responsibilities

Adopt a mangrove initiative

The Company was the first fuel retailer in the region to offer customers the opportunity to adopt a plant and monitor it live through its Rewards app

Emirates’ Red Crescent project

Raising awareness of breast cancer care, Emirates’ Red Crescent project.

Khalifa Foundation Ramadan Meals Partnership

Breaking fast with local communities during Ramadan.

Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts initiative

Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts, which offers women from different nationalities vocational training to create culturally-inspired products,

Reverse Vending Machine

Introduced Reverse Vending Machine recycling service at 40 locations across Abu Dhabi. 
Our recycling initiatives have resulted in 1.1 million items recycled by customers in just six months through reverse vending machines.

Pink Caravan Campaign

Since partnering with Pink Caravan in 2011, ADNOC Distribution has contributed AED 260,000+ in direct monetary support, conducting 100K+ clinical examinations, and detecting 100+ cases of breast cancer at an early stage

Reach Campaign, Make Their Life Colourful

Investing in communities through charitable contributions. Through an ongoing partnership with the Emirates Red Crescent, ADNOC Distribution helped raise critical awareness and donations for the Reach Campaign, which helps treat river blindness disease – a devastating medical condition affecting millions of people around the world which can be easily treated.

Health, Safety and Security

First fuel retailer in the UAE/ MENA region being awarded the WELL Health-Safety Rating for more than 500 service stations in UAE, a testimony of the Company’s commitment to health, safety and well-being of employees, customers and communities.
48 different HSE training courses were delivered in 2023, ADNOC Distribution consistently carries out surveys to collect employee feedback about their everyday health and safety conditions at work, ensuring the efficient implementation of the HSE Management system. Meetings, feedback forms, opportunity sharing, and leadership site visits are regulary coordinated to assure employees that we are constantly improving our health and safety management system.
Zero Fatalities and zero high consequence work-related injuries. Conducted 203 Contractor HSE Performance Evaluation Audits, 36 HSE Management System Audits, 27 camp welfare audits and 43 HSE Assurance Program Audits.
The organization identifies and evaluates its HSE risks utilizing a Risk Assessment Matrix. We carry out regular inspections and reviews across the organization's assets and operations, inclusive of service stations, employing both qualitative and quantitative risk assessment tools such as QRA, HAZOP, HAZID, JSAs, and other globally recognized risk frameworks.
The HSEMS plays a crucial role in laying the groundwork for emergency management during unforeseen circumstances within the organization. The areas covered under crisis management and emergency response encompass Oil Spill Response, Fire and Rescue Operations, Emergency Response, Crisis Management Process, and the Emergency Response Plan.