Specialty Lubricants

ADNOC Lubricants produces a range of specialty lubricants, including refinery specialties, white oils, petroleum jelly, moulding oil, degreaser and viscosity modifier.

Specialty Lubricants

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Refinery Specialty

We manufacture special refinery products for variable applications through safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible operations

White Oils

ADNOC Industrial White Oil is a series of severely refined hydro-cracked/hydro-treated oils with the highest degree of purity and are stabilized with suitable additives for oxidation/UV stability.

Petroleum Jelly

ADNOC Petroleum Jelly W is a series of odorless, tasteless, and homogeneous mixtures of high-purity hydrogenated hydrocarbons oil and wax. They are manufactured under FDA-approved and GMP facility.

Moulding Oil

ANDOC Mould Oil KW is an effective mould release compound for cast concrete products formulated from highly refined mineral oils; it produces a high-quality concrete finish resisting blowholes and provides a uniform surface finish.

Degreaser HD

ADNOC Degreaser HD is a low foaming, solvent-free, VOC-free, environmentally friendly rust-inhibited non-emulsifiable quick break aqueous cleaning fluid.

Diesel Exhaust

ADNOC ADGREEN is a high-purity urea solution for the secondary treatment of selective catalytic reduction exhaust fumes systems.

Viscosity Modifier

ADNOC SYN VM is a liquid viscosity modifier used to formulate automotive multigrade engine oils, particularly high-performance gasoline and diesel engines.

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