A progressive mobility retail leader

Energy for today and the future

A progressive mobility retail leader

A journey for growth

ADNOC Distribution is on a journey to change the retail landscape, delivering tangible actions to facilitate progress in providing sustainable mobility solutions for our customers. We are taking bold and transformative steps to grow our domestic and international footprint for our customers. We are customer-centric, offering digitally enabled journeys and providing innovative products and services to drive accelerated and sustainable development for the future of mobility.



We enable, enhance and energize every customer journey. 


To be a global mobility partner of choice, an enabler of sustainable mobility and a provider of exceptional customer services.  



We invest in new and emerging technologies to meet our customers’ ever-evolving needs 


We leverage our collective strengths to exceed customer expectations


We foster a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and mutual respect


We recognize our responsibilities to our employees, our communities, and to sustainability 


We will continue to drive commercial and operational excellence to maximize value

Leadership & Management

ADNOC Distribution, listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX: ADNOCDIST), marked a successful five-year track record as a public listed company in 2022 driven by its corporate governance framework under the responsibility of the company’s Board of Directors which is comprised of seven directors and supported by its senior management team.

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Retail Network & Footprint

ADNOC Distribution operates fuel service stations in all seven UAE emirates, and it is the largest operator in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates. ADNOC Distribution expanded its operations internationally in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we operate 66 service stations. ADNOC Distribution is exploring opportunities in the GCC, Middle East, North Africa and Asia region as part of plans for international growth.


We are constantly seeking new ways to innovate our services and products and continuously imaging the future of energy and where we belong on that journey. We are committed to operational excellence through innovation, loyalty, and digital-enable customer experiences for today and the future.

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ADNOC Distribution, in partnership with Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA), launched E2GO in January 2023 to build and operate electric vehicle infrastructure across the UAE. E2GO will deliver EV infrastructure across Abu Dhabi to meet the growing demand for EV chargers, estimated to exceed 70,000 by 2030.  

Fill & Go

Fill & Go is the region’s first AI-personalized customer experience for refueling. Smart cameras recognize a vehicle from pre-registered preferences using the ADNOC Distribution app and digital screens greet customers, which then navigates customers through a faster, seamless fueling experience.

Future of Shopping

Our fully autonomous ADNOC Oasis stores use cutting-edge AI and contactless payment technology that allows customers to tap, shop and go. Powered by AI, cameras create virtual shopping baskets; shelves have smart weight sensors, and real-time digital pricing delivers a next-generation experience.

Flagship Service Centre

Our state-of-the-art flagship service station on Sheikh Zayed Road (Station 222, Exit 40), in the heart of Dubai, opened in 2022, offering  a digital-led personalized, seamless customer experience. The station is partly powered by renewable sources and has our first double-storey ADNOC Oasis convenience store.


ADNOC Distribution is committed to supporting sustainable mobility goals and realizing the UAE leadership's vision to drive the energy transition and achieve the emirates' decarbonization goals as part of the UAE's Net Zero 2050 agenda. ADNOC Distribution has a Sustainability Strategic Framework to enhance sustainability across all ESG areas.  






Decarbonizing Operations

We are committed to decarbonizing operations and reducing carbon intensity by 25% by 2030. We are putting sustainability at the core of our day-to-day to reduce carbon emissions across our operations including installing solar panels to power our service stations and using biofuels in our fleet of vehicles.


VOYAGER Green Series

VOYAGER Green Series ADNOC Distribution introduced the VOYAGER Green Series range of lubricant products for both petrol and diesel engines in 2022, made from 100% plant-based oil, to support our commitment to expanding a diversified energy mix product range.


Alternative Fueling

We have been offering alternative fueling options across our network for over a decade, including Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for natural gas vehicles (NGV). It is a growing market in the UAE and is part of our commitment to support the UAE Energy Strategy 2050, which targets 50% dependence on alternative energy sources.

ADNOC On the go

Our energy-optimized compact ADNOC On the go service stations occupy less space, require 50% less energy to run compared to traditional ones, and are highly effective in reducing GHG emissions due to optimized electricity consumption. We use treated recycled water at our carwashes, accounting for 80% of the total water used.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a progressive mobility retail leader, we are committed to investing in social and community initiatives that positively impact the customers, employees, and shareholders and empower the communities where we operate. We prioritize our CSR across three pillars community, environment & economy.


Khalifa Foundation

ADNOC Distribution, in partnership with Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation, supplies free LPG Cylinders to families to provide over 91,000 Ramadan meals for people fasting across the UAE. ADNOC Distribution employees also helped distribute over 1 million Iftar boxes across its communities in 2022.

Emirates Red Crescent

ADNOC Distribution, in partnership with Emirates Red Crescent, offers space in our UAE convenience stores for Al Ghadeer UAE to sell their sustainable crafts, supporting empowering underprivileged women and showcasing Emirati traditions.

The Reach Campaign

ADNOC Distribution has supported the Reach Campaign from 2020-22 in partnership with Emirates Red Crest to raise awareness of river blindness around the world. The devastating medical condition affects millions of people but can be easily treated for the cost of AED2. Customers can donate at our service centres or through the ADNOC Rewards points.

Pink Caravan

ADNOC Distribution has supported the Pink Caravan breast cancer awareness campaign for over 10 years to drive awareness of early detection and screening methods. ADNOC Distribution provides gasoline and gasoil to support the transpiration and operation of the mobile clinic across the UAE.

Beat the Heat

ADNOC Distribution Beat the Heat Summer Camp is an initiative for students to create innovative solutions that help frontline ADNOC service staff overcome challenging weather conditions with a mini-10-day curriculum of virtual workshops where students generate design solutions.

People & Culture

The people who work at ADNOC Distribution are our most important assets. They are at the heart of every customer journey. Our modern, energetic, and diverse team embrace an entrepreneurial spirit, always curious with an eye on the road ahead, driving innovation to make tomorrow’s journey smoother. We’re committed to hiring individuals who thrive on collaboration and the spirit of tomorrow.

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Awards & Recognition

Our awards are a testament to our people and team's determination that drives us to constantly seek new ways and innovations to bring the best services and productions to keep our customers in motion.



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