Mobile App Terms & Conditions

ADNOC Rewards

These terms and conditions (the Terms) shall govern the relationship between you and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company for Distribution PJSC or its companies, subsidiaries and/or affiliates (collectively ADNOC, 'we', 'our' or 'us') when you use the ADNOC Rewards Program.


1                    Definitions and interpretation

1.1                In this document the following terms have the following meanings unless inconsistent with the context:

Account means the ADNOC Rewards account that the Accountholder has with ADNOC in order to access and use ADNOC Rewards;

Accountholder or Accountholder(s) means any person(s), who hold(s) an Account (as approved by ADNOC);

ADNOC Partners means any participating sponsors and partners providing Rewards as part of ADNOC Rewards;

ADNOC Partner Programme means a programme run by an ADNOC Partner that Accountholders are eligible to access as a result of being an ADNOC Rewards member (subject to any terms and conditions of the relevant ADNOC Partner Programme);

ADNOC Plus Card means the prepaid card available at all ADNOC convenience stores, and can be instantly topped up on ADNOC Wallet;

ADNOC Rewards means the loyalty program run by ADNOC;

ADNOC Station means an ADNOC service station;

ADNOC Wallet means ADNOC's secure (online) customer portal that allows an Accountholder (via the Website or App) to access, create and manage their Account information and to perform Account services;

ADNOC Wallet Terms means the terms and conditions governing the ADNOC Wallet which can be found at;

App means the ADNOC Distribution mobile app which is currently available on the Apple app store and Google app store;

C-store means an ADNOC convenience store;

EID means Emirates ID;

Employee means an employee of ADNOC;

Enrolment Date means the date that an Accountholder successfully registered with ADNOC Rewards;

Family Membership means the joint membership account that an Accountholder may create for the purpose of the Accountholder and their Relation(s) collectively earning Points;

Mobile Pay means a contactless payment token that allows an Accountholder to pay directly from their smartphone;

Points means the points that are the currency brand of ADNOC Rewards which Accountholders are able to earn;

Privacy Policy means the ADNOC privacy policy that sets out the basis on which any personal data that ADNOC collects from you will be processed and can be found here;

Relations means any immediate family member of an Accountholder including (but not limited to) a spouse, child (including any step or adopted child), grandchild, or parents of the Accountholder;

Reward(s) means any product, service, gift or prize that an Accountholder is eligible to receive or redeem when they accrue Points;  

Qualifying Transaction has the meaning given to it at clause ‎6.1;

Smart Tag means a wireless payment device that activates upon contact with a fuel nozzle at an ADNOC Station, and automatically deducts the total amount of the fuel from the device after refuelling is complete;

Terms means these terms and conditions as may be varied by ADNOC from time to time;

You means the Accountholder who accepts and enters into these Terms. Your shall have a corresponding meaning; and

Website means


2                    General

2.1                These Terms in conjunction with the ADNOC Wallet Terms and the Privacy Policy govern your participation in ADNOC Rewards. Any use of the ADNOC Wallet and ADNOC  Rewards, which includes any use of the App, is considered as acceptance of these Terms, the ADNOC Wallet Terms and the Privacy Policy (including any amendment of variation of such terms).

2.2                You agree that you have read and understood and agree to be bound by these Terms.

2.3                ADNOC may at any time, and at its sole and absolute discretion:

2.3.1            suspend, terminate, cancel, withdraw, amend or vary ADNOC Rewards and / or these Terms; or

2.3.2            substitute ADNOC Rewards with an alternative rewards scheme.

2.4                Any updated or amended Terms shall supersede any terms agreed to by you and ADNOC in respect of ADNOC Rewards and it is your responsibility to remain aware of any such updates. We will publish the latest Terms on our Website and on the App.


3                    Membership

3.1                Each Accountholder must be a resident in the United Arab Emirates and aged 18 years or over (to be assessed on the day that the member joins ADNOC Rewards).

3.2                ADNOC Rewards is available to individuals for their personal use only and is limited to one Account per individual. An Accountholder shall not use ADNOC Rewards for any business or commercial purposes and ADNOC may refuse any application for ADNOC Rewards membership for any reason.

3.3                Employees and their Relations are eligible to join ADNOC Rewards, but neither shall be eligible to enter into any contests or win any prizes run through or in conjunction with ADNOC Rewards.

3.4                ADNOC may withdraw, cancel, or decline to issue any Account, discount and/or any other Reward in whatever form, and/or remove an Accountholder from ADNOC Rewards at any time where ADNOC has a reasonable belief of any:

3.4.1            abuse or attempted abuse of ADNOC Rewards;

3.4.2            breach or attempted breach of the Terms; and/or

3.4.3            behaviour relating to ADNOC Rewards and/or ADNOC that involves theft, misconduct, abusive or offensive behaviour, and/or supplying false or misleading information.

3.5                ADNOC Rewards membership is not assignable, transferable, cannot be copied and subject to clause ‎4.2, can only be used by the Accountholder who is named and registered as a member on ADNOC Rewards.


4                    Family Membership

4.1                An Accountholder may create an ADNOC Rewards Family Membership by adding Relations to their ADNOC Wallet and any terms and conditions that apply to such membership in addition to these Terms shall be communicated to you by ADNOC when the Family Membership is created by you.

4.2                Where an Accountholder creates a Family Membership:

4.2.1            the Accountholder and their Relations can individually earn Points, which will be aggregated together, towards the Family Membership;

4.2.2            Relations can only earn Points towards the Family Membership on Qualifying Transactions that are completed using the ADNOC Wallet; and

4.2.3            only the Accountholder can redeem the Points, however ADNOC may (at its sole discretion) give the Accountholder the option to allow the Accountholder's Relations to redeem his/her Points.


5                    Enrolment

5.1                When you enrol on ADNOC Rewards and become an ADNOC Rewards member, you will automatically be registered on the ADNOC Wallet and become subject to the ADNOC Wallet Terms.

5.2                Customers who are not existing Accountholders:

5.2.1            can register for ADNOC Rewards through a simple sign-on process via the following channels:

(a)           website – users can self-register via the Website;

(b)           call centre – users can call our call centre and be registered manually by our agents;

(c)           mobile app – users can download the App and register; and

(d)           onsite tablet / handheld device at an ADNOC Station – by sharing your EID, onsite staff/promoter can assist in the registration;

5.2.2            will have to provide certain personal information to enrol for ADNOC Rewards. However, for security reasons only your personal mobile number and email address should be registered with ADNOC Rewards. Please note that your Account can only have one phone number and email attached to it and using a phone number or email address that does not belong to you is not permissible under these Terms. You shall be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of any information you provide to us and for keeping the information up to date. Your personal information shall be processed by ADNOC in accordance with the Privacy Policy;

5.2.3            once registered, will be enrolled on to ADNOC Rewards (to which these Terms will apply) and your EID will be used to link transactions to earning Points; and

5.2.4            use of the ADNOC Wallet is subject to the ADNOC Wallet Terms (which are separate from these Terms).

5.3                Existing ADNOC Wallet Accountholders will automatically be enrolled on to ADNOC Rewards and notified of their enrolment.


6                    Earning Points

6.1                Accountholders may earn Points on completed transactions on fuel (ULG 91, ULG 95, ULG 98), convenience store purchases, car wash, lube change services at ADNOC Stations and LPG through online orders (Mobile App orders) on or after the Enrolment Date (a Qualifying Transaction).

6.2                You can earn Points, which will automatically be credited to your Account where you complete a Qualifying Transaction:

6.2.1            using cash or bank card, and you present your EID to the ADNOC Station staff at the time of purchase or show your digital membership QR code; or 

6.2.2            using your ADNOC Wallet.

6.3                It may take up to 24 hours for earned or redeemed Points to appear in your Account.

6.4                Points cannot be earned on:

6.4.1            tobacco and related products, phone cards, gift cards, mobile top-ups, lottery, over the counter medicines  and LPG purchased at ADNOC station or

6.4.2            purchases made from non-participating stores at ADNOC Stations.

6.5                Subject to clause ‎6.6, ADNOC and ADNOC Partners may at any time provide you with additional ways to receive Points through deals, offers, promotions, and other programs that are not set out in these Terms. Please note that any other deals, offers, promotions and/or programs may be subject to additional terms and conditions (as notified to the Accountholder from time to time).

6.6                ADNOC shall have sole discretion on whether ADNOC Rewards can be used in conjunction with any other deal, offer, promotion and/or programme that is available from ADNOC and/or ADNOC Partners at any given time.

6.7                Points have no monetary value and cannot be sold, assigned or transferred to others, exchanged for money or used as value in other transactions, save for those facilitated by ADNOC Rewards in accordance with these Terms.


7                    Redeeming Points

7.1                Accountholders can redeem their accrued Points against the following ADNOC products, services and third party offers:

7.1.1            Fuel (ULG 91, 95, 98)

7.1.2            C-store products (subject to clause ‎7.2.2);

7.1.3            car wash;

7.1.4            lube change service; 

7.1.5           vouchers for free / discounted services at an ADNOC Station;

7.1.6            vouchers from ADNOC Partners;

7.1.7            auctions – using Points to bid;

7.1.8            raffles – using Points to get a raffle entry; and

7.1.9            any other products or services that ADNOC makes known to Accountholders from time to time.

7.2                Points cannot be redeemed on: certain C-store products including (but not limited to) telephone cards, Salik, any corporate card (iTunes, X box, etc.), tobacco, LPG purchased at ADNOC Stations and services,.

7.3                If you wish to redeem your Points, you must have sufficient Points in your Account in order to complete the transaction. Subject to this, you can apply for any number of offers available to you in your Account, whether in a single transaction or across multiple transactions.

7.4                Once you have redeemed Points they will automatically be deducted from your Account at the time of redemption and cannot be used again.

7.5                Points must be redeemed by the Accountholders within two years of the Qualifying Transaction (Two Year Period). Any unused Points will expire if they are not used within the Two Years Period.


8     Rewards Program Tiers 

8.1          TIERS are different levels that any Accountholders can achieve after registering to the ADNOC Rewards program. Each TIER offers unique benefits and privileges to the Accountholders.

  1. The ADNOC Rewards program will have four (04) TIERS/Levels:

Level 1 – BLUE (Lowest)

Level 2 – SILVER

Level 3 – GOLD

Level 4 – PLATINUM (Highest)

8.2       Accountholders will enter a level/TIER based on the no. of FALCONs collected in a period. FALCONs are defined in point 8.3 with details.

  8.3      ADNOC Reward Accountholders can collect one FALCON for doing one of the below eligible purchases –

  1. Fuel purchase of AED 75 and above – includes ULG 91, 95 or 98
  2. Non-fuel purchase of AED 20 and above – includes eligible products purchased from Oasis, Car Wash, Oil change, EV, LPG ordered from ADNOC Dist mobile application.




8.4       All ADNOC Rewards Accountholders are eligible for a TIER when they collect FALCONs as per the eligibility criteria in the below table.

TIER level

FALCON(s) numbers to be collected per 12 months










8.5       The number of FALCONs that can be earned in a single day (from twelve o'clock midnight one night to twelve o'clock the next night) are mentioned as per below eligible purchases -

  1. Fuel - up to two transactions (as described in 8.4.1) would be eligible in a single day to collect FALCONs.
  2. Oil change & Car wash – Only one transaction (as described in 8.4.2) for would be eligible in a single day to collect a FALCON.
  3. C-store, LPG-online and EV charging – Multiple transactions (as described in 8.4.2) in a single day can collect FALCONs.


8.6       Products that are excluded from FALCON calculation are: SALIK recharge, gift cards, telephone cards, tobacco products, smoking products & accessories, and LPG purchased at station without using the mobile application.


8.7       An Accountholder's TIER is calculated by the no. of FALCONs (eligible purchases) collected and TIER benefits can be used throughout the duration of the TIER validity period of minimum 12 months.


8.8       FALCONs will be added automatically to the Accountholder's account each time an ADNOC Rewards Accountholder makes an eligible purchase and can be confirmed from the ADNOC Rewards mobile application. In case of any queries the ADNOC Reward Accountholder can contact our contact center (800 300) for assistance.


8.9     FALCONs cannot be used as a monetary value. FALCONS are collected on every eligible purchase as detailed above and are used to calculate the Tier’s level.


8.10     ADNOC Reward Accountholders are allowed to collect FALCONs in addition to earning Rewards points for a purchase, as per the ADNOC Rewards Terms and Conditions.


8.11     Difference between FALCON & Rewards points is as mentioned below -

8.11.1  FALCON is only used to classify Accountholder’s level/TIER and receive respective TIER benefits.

8.11.2  Rewards points are points earned for any purchases and can be used to make payments or get discount vouchers on products/services from ADNOC and/or its partners.

8.12     Any beneficiary under a main Accountholder will collect a FALCON for the main account. To enjoy TIER benefits all beneficiaries will need to create a separate account as a main Accountholder.

8.13     The ADNOC Reward Accountholder can check FALCON and TIER information on the ADNOC Distribution mobile application. 

8.14.    A TIER Accountholder in Silver, Gold or Platinum level will get bonus points for their eligible spends at ADNOC Station and additional benefits ranging from discounted to FREE products and services from ADNOC Distribution and/or its Partners.






















2 x 25% OFF

2 x 50% OFF

2 x FREE


2 x 25% OFF

2 x 50% OFF

2 x FREE


1 x 25% OFF

1 x 50% OFF

1 x FREE







10% OFF

20% OFF

30% OFF


8.15     An Accountholder can upgrade to a higher TIER by collecting the FALCONs required to reach the higher TIER within a 12-month period.

8.16     TIER is valid for a period of 12 months and an Accountholder can enjoy TIER benefits during this period from the date of qualifying for the TIER.

8.17     ADNOC Rewards Accountholder must collect required for a TIER in a 12-month period to maintain the TIER and to qualify for the next higher TIER.  An Accountholder will downgrade from a TIER if number of FALCONs required for maintaining the TIER is not collected in a 12-month period, details would be shown in the ADNOC Distribution application.

8.18     TIERS are individual and cannot be transferred, given, or gifted.

8.19     FALCONs will expire in 12 months from date of collection by the ADNOC Rewards Accountholder. Only FALCONS collected in the last 12 months are considered for TIER eligibility calculations.

8.20     All TIER vouchers are same as normal vouchers. In a single purchase only one voucher can be used for discount.


9.     ADNOC Partner programmes

9.1                Points can also be earned and redeemed with ADNOC Partners subject to any applicable terms and conditions required by any ADNOC Partner. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with any related third-party terms and that you are aware of any third party privacy policies that may apply to you, in conjunction with these Terms.

9.2                ADNOC may at any time and without prior notice to Accountholders, add, withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any ADNOC Partner Programme and it is your responsibility to verify eligibility to earn and redeem Points with any ADNOC Partner.

9.3                In respect of certain ADNOC Partners, Accountholders may make a transfer of Points from:

9.3.1            their ADNOC Rewards Account to any participating ADNOC Partners' loyalty account, or

9.3.2            their ADNOC Partners loyalty account to their ADNOC Rewards Account,  

provided always that once Points have been transferred into, or out of, your ADNOC Rewards Account these Points will become non-transferrable. Furthermore, pursuant to clause ‎9.1 above, you acknowledge and agree that once Points are transferred to ADNOC Partners' loyalty accounts you will be bound by any applicable terms and conditions that are required by any ADNOC Partner.

9.4                A full list of the ADNOC Partners that you can transfer Points to and/or from is available on the App and Website.


10                   Returns

10.1                Accountholders may return item(s) that have been purchased from an ADNOC convenience store (subject to the respective ADNOC returns policy), and where the initial purchase of the item(s):

10.1.1            was paid for using Points, ADNOC Rewards will refund the equivalent Points used to purchase the returned item(s) to your Account within one week; or

10.1.2            earned Points, ADNOC Rewards will deduct from your Account the equivalent number of Points earned from the purchase once the return transaction has been processed. If there is insufficient Points in your Account, the equivalent monetary value of the Points earnt on the relevant transaction, will be deducted from your Account before the amount owed to you is refunded.

10.2                An Accountholder cannot:

10.2.1            exchange any product that they have purchased using their Points (whether at an ADNOC convenience store or elsewhere); and

10.2.2            return or seek a refund for any vouchers and gift cards that they have purchased using their Points.


11                 Cancellation and termination

11.1             ADNOC may suspend or terminate your ADNOC Rewards membership at any time, or modify or restrict your ability to use Points, immediately and without notice where ADNOC reasonably believe that:

11.1.1         you have not earned or redeemed Points for a period of 3 or more years;

11.1.2         you have violated any of these Terms;

11.1.3         you engage in wilful misconduct, including but not limited to the fraudulent acquisition of Points or sale or abuse of Points or the sale or abuse of redeemed goods or benefits; or

11.1.4         you have provided us with false, incomplete or misleading information,

and, if we terminate your ADNOC Rewards membership, any accrued Points will immediately be void and cannot be used.


12                 ADNOC's rights

12.1             Neither ADNOC nor its agents shall be liable under or in connection with these Terms, ADNOC Rewards or the use or redemption of any Reward, for any indirect or consequential cost, expense, loss or damage even if such cost, expense, loss or damage was reasonably foreseeable or might reasonably have been contemplated by the Accountholder, ADNOC or its agents, and whether arising from breach of contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise.

12.2             ADNOC reserve the right to investigate any activity that it believes to be of a fraudulent nature or otherwise seeking to circumvent these Terms.

12.3             You will be responsible to ADNOC for any claims, costs, damages, losses, liabilities, expenses or legal proceedings brought against ADNOC by any third party as a result of unauthorised access to your ADNOC Wallet or ADNOC Rewards in breach of these Terms. 


13                 Other

13.1             If you are experiencing any problems with accessing or using your Account or have any questions in relation to ADNOC Rewards, please contact us at or call or Whatsapp us on 800 300  all days of the week.  

13.2             These Terms are governed by the laws of Abu Dhabi and the federal laws of the United Arab Emirates. In the event of any dispute, you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


Fuel Subsidy Program special terms and conditions (‘’Special Terms’’)

Reference is made to ADNOC’s rights to update from time to time these Terms and Conditions (the ‘’Terms’’) and in consideration of the fuel subsidy program launched in July 2022 by the Ministry of Community Development  and implemented exclusively by ADNOC Distribution through the ADNOC Rewards program for the benefit of the Qualifying National as defined above (“the Fuel Subsidy Program’”), the Terms has been updated as follows to include Specials Terms which shall govern the relationship between  You and ADNOC when You use the Subsidy Qualifying Point as part of the ADNOC Rewards Program.


1                    Definitions


The following terms has been added to the Definitions and have the following meanings unless inconsistent with the context.

Monthly Entitlement” number of Subsidy Qualifying Points to be assigned to each Qualifying National for each month, as per the instructions given from time to time to ADNOC Distribution by the Ministry of Community Development.

Qualifying National” means a national of the United Arab Emirates who is entitled to benefit from the Fuel Subsidy Program as per the instructions given from time to time to ADNOC Distribution by the Ministry of Community Development.

Subsidy Qualifying Point” means any ADNOC Rewards loyalty point assigned (or to be assigned) to a Qualifying National for the purposes of retail fuel purchases at ADNOC Distribution stations only. 

Qualifying Point Value” means AED 0.001, being the monetary value of each Qualifying Point as at the date of this Agreement.

Unused Entitlements” the aggregate number of Subsidy Qualifying Points from all Monthly Entitlements which have not been used within such month.


2                    Scope

As part of the Fuel Subsidy Program launched by the Ministry of Community Development, and administered by ADNOC Distribution, it is understood that the Ministry of Community Development determine who are the Qualifying Nationals, Monthly Entitlements, and in general rules applicable to this Program including the expiry of the Monthly entitlements.

The Fuel Subsidy Program will be implemented through ADNOC Rewards in compliance with the agreement between the Ministry of Community Development and ADNOC Distribution,

The Special Terms applies to the Qualifying Nationals who hold an ADNOC Rewards Account and earn the Subsidy Qualifying Points.

The Special Terms are part of the Terms, and You accept that adhering to the Terms implies acceptance of the Special Terms once it applies to You.

ADNOC may at any time, and at its sole and absolute discretion, suspend, terminate, withdraw, change or vary these ADNOC Rewards Special Terms.


3               Earning Points              


3.1           You as a Qualifying National earn a Monthly Entitlement, as per the instructions from the Ministry of Community Development.

3.2               For each month following Account creation, Qualifying Subsidy Points based on a Qualifying National’s Monthly Entitlement will be credited to such Qualifying National the first day of such month.

3.3           The Qualifying Subsidy Points have no monetary value and cannot be sold, assigned or transferred to others, exchanged for money or used as value in other transactions, save for those permitted by ADNOC in accordance with these Special Terms.


4                  Redeeming Points

4.1                Qualifying Nationals can redeem their accrued Qualifying Subsidy Points only against fuel purchase (91,95,98) upon presentation of their Emirates identity card at an ADNOC Distribution fuel station.  for the total purchase value of fuel, inclusive of VAT.

4.2             If You wish to redeem your Qualifying Subsidy Points, You must have sufficient Qualifying Subsidy Points in your Account in order to complete the transaction.

4.3             Once You have redeemed Qualifying Subsidy Points, they will automatically be deducted from your Account at the time of redemption and cannot be used again.

4.4          Qualifying Subsidy Points will expire by end of the calendar month in which Points are credited, and as such shall be used on or before the end of the calendar month. (‘’Redeem Period’)

4.5             Any unused Entitlements that expires cannot be credited back to the Qualifying Nationals accounts.


5    Others

These Special Terms are effective from the Effective Date.

All other terms in the ADNOC Rewards Terms and Conditions, not modified by the Special Terms, shall apply.


Last updated –09 October 2023