Benefits of ADNOC Wallet

ADNOC Wallet makes ADNOC service station payments quick and easy. It’s fully secure and keeps track of everyday spends at ADNOC service stations, this includes refueling, shopping, lube change and car washes. In addition, customers can register multiple cars or beneficiaries to an account.



Pay with ADNOC Wallet

Upon registration, payments can be made using any of the below tokens: 

  1. Emirates ID: This is the primary payment token, linked automatically to a customer’s account upon registration for ease and convenience.
  2. Mobile Pay: A revolutionary contact-less payment token that allows a customer to pay directly from their smartphone.
  3. ADNOC Plus Card: A prepaid card available at all ADNOC convenience stores, and can be instantly topped up on ADNOC Wallet.
  4. SMART (RFID) Tag: A wireless payment device that activates upon contact with the fuel nozzle, and automatically deducts the total amount after refueling is complete.


Getting started with ADNOC Wallet

Signing up for ADNOC Wallet only takes a few minutes. It can be done by downloading the dedicated ADNOC Distribution app or by clicking here. Upon registration, top up a desired amount to activate and enjoy all the benefits of ADNOC Wallet.


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SMART Tag Installation

Our Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Smart Tag technology means you can refuel from the comfort of your vehicle and pay from the convenience of your phone through ADNOC Wallet. Individual and corporate pre-paid customers can book the installation of a Smart tag via the ADNOC Wallet online, via at our ADNOC Oasis convenience stores and Smart Tag installation centers. 

Once requested, an appointment date and time will be shared where customers can visit the Smart Tag installation center of their choice. Our Smart Tag installation centers are open 6 am to 10 pm Saturday to Thursday, and are closed on public holidays. Find out more.

How to use the ADNOC Wallet payment tokens?

  • Emirates ID

    Visit an ADNOC Service Station. Insert and remove the Emirates ID in the card machine. Fuel up to desired amount


  • Mobile Pay

    Visit an ADNOC Service Station. Choose a preferred pump on ADNOC Wallet. Select the desired fuel amount. Confirm and begin fueling. Press ‘Done’ once finished


  • RFID

    Visit an ADNOC Service SMART Station. Fuel up to the desired amount.  The tag automatically deducts the amount from your Wallet.


  • ADNOC Plus

    Visit at ADNOC Service Station. Insert the ADNOC Plus card into the card machine. Enter the PIN number. Fuel up to desired amount 


Frequently asked questions

  • How can I open an ADNOC Wallet account?

    ADNOC Wallet account can be opened in many convenient ways:

    1. Download our mobile app and fill a simple form
    2. Visiting our website 
    3. Visit any ADNOC Service stations and ask our friendly staff to open an account for you


  • What are tokens ?

    Token is a payment device or payment mode associated to the ADNOC Wallet and allows you to spend the money in your ADNOC Wallet.

  • How do I top up ADNOC Wallet ?

    ADNOC Wallet can be conveniently topped up thru our mobile app, online payment on the website or by visiting any ADNOC service station.

  • What is Auto Top up ?

    Auto top up is convenient way to ensure that your ADNOC wallet is topped up automatically when it reaches a low balance. Our Auto top up feature is flexible and allows you to set your own limits for top up. Just log in to your account on our mobile app or website to set up the Auto top up.

  • Can I control the amount that can be spent or change any settings for ADNOC Wallet ?

    Yes of course, you can decide where to spend using ADNOC Wallet (fuel or non-fuel). You can also set limits for the amount that can be spent by your beneficiaries.

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