The ideal candidate

It will be your role to develop your business – we will help – but ultimately it will be your efforts that will bring success.

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You must be willing to operate your business using our full business format system and to adopt any new initiatives as they are introduced. Our standards are high. We will only accept the best entrepreneurs or companies/partnerships prepared to devote the time, energy and resources to succeed.

In any successful growing network, teamwork is critical. You must be a team player, be prepared to share experiences and have a genuine desire to provide the very best service to your customers. You will have the backing and strength of our head office team and your fellow franchisees. We can learn from each other and feel proud to be part of a 'larger family'.

As part of the selection process we are looking for entrepreneurs or companies/partnerships who can demonstrate what we believe are the necessary skills to create success for both parties.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who:

-  Are hard working with the drive and commitment to succeed

-  Have a positive and enthusiastic outlook with excellent communication skills and real passion for customer service

- Possess computer literacy and good grasp of business basics and leadership skills

- Have access to the required funding needed to launch a franchise

We are looking for companies who, in addition to the entrepreneur qualifications listed above, have

- Business culture and ethic

- A track record of successfully developing brands and offers

Our franchise presents an exciting opportunity for both ADNOC Distribution and a franchisee but success can only happen when both parties work together for mutual benefit.
Our model is designed to ensure that by taking advantage of this opportunity both you and ADNOC Distribution can secure a profitable return in this growing market.