Gain a competitive advantage in the fuel retail market

Gain a competitive advantage in the fuel retail market

Our Franchising Opportunity

ADNOC Distribution is taking bold and transformative steps to grow its international footprint as part of its growth strategy. As a progressive mobility retail leader, we are interested in hearing from entrepreneurs, companies, and partners who are committed and passionate about joining us on this journey. ADNOC Distribution Franchises are offered to select investors supported by a dedicated team of professionals who understand each market and sales strategy.

  • World-class standard RFASS and formats offer franchisees a major competitive advantage in the fuel retailing market
  • ADNOC Distribution service station design and specification for all RFASS offers (i.e., fuel islands, convenience store etc.)
  • Expertise and experience in managing fuel and non-fuel retail networks through established performance business processes and operating manuals
  • ADNOC Distribution retail management systems and ongoing support from an experienced IT team
  • Franchisee training and support programs and staff training manuals
  • Introduction to high-quality brand inserts/tenants to sites providing attractive income streams


Franchise Package

We support franchisees at every step of your journey. Our comprehensive franchising package is designed to helping you at every stage of your business development

Franchise license

The rights to own and operate within the specified space; use the franchise brands & trademarks in line with the franchise obligations; and use the intellectual property, operating methods, and systems.

Business manuals

Operating manuals to ensure the highest possible standards and business success; regularly updated and managed under a strict QA process.

Training & opening support

Initial training from day one to prepare you to run your franchise successfully; access to training materials for your staff to ensure the best possible customer service; and an opening marketing campaign to kick start your business with impact.

IT solutions

Our hardware and software solutions are designed using the latest features and enhancements to help you run your business efficiently.

Marketing materials & promotions

We supply franchisees with posters, display stands, point of sale (PoS) material, in addition to uniforms, stationery, shop materials and other related marketing collateral, including shop and product promotions, to help you achieve greater sales performance.

Shopfitting & signage assistance

We provide you with specifications and recommended vendors for exterior and interior signage needed to attract customers to the site and encourage sales, in addition to C-store equipment, refrigeration, and fittings for foodservice or bakery modules.

On-going support

Regularly onsite visits from our franchise experts to review, analyze and provide advice and guidance on your business with research and information to support your marketing strategy and campaign performance. Franchisees also benefit from our ‘Mystery Motorist’ reports revealing a wealth of helpful tips and advice.

Interested in becoming a franchisee?

If you have what we are looking for, please email with relevant information such as company profile, site plans or photos.


Have a question? Find out most commonly asked questions below.
Banks are the most convenient way to generate finance and have specialist franchise departments. They expect to see your business case, and we will help you put this together. Franchising is seen as a safer way to start a new business. In this regard, local bank managers usually provide attractive terms and a higher lending proportion of the required start-up capital than might otherwise be available.
The potential franchisee should identify or recommend the franchise location. We have our selection criteria and will approve the premises, likely footfall, and its sales potential before you negotiate the lease or purchase the freehold.
We currently have four performance formats available within the franchise concept. They can range in plot size from 3,000 sq. m to 26,000 sq. m. All sites and opportunities are assessed on individual merit.
Yes. Please email for initial fee details.
Yes. We must approve the proposed project in your business plan, confirming it is realistic and achievable. You will also require this plan for planning and raising any additional funding required to start your business. Please email for specifications.
Being a ADNOC Distribution franchisee will give you access to better buying prices, which means a wider range of products for less money tied up in stock. You will gain from the considerable experience of our management team, reducing the usual learning curve you may otherwise have to experience. You will benefit from shared experiences and marketing, and you will have access to industry-leading systems, processes, training, and building specifications for your operation.
Yes. One of the benefits of owning a business is the ability to sell that business and receive the capital appreciation you have built over time. Potential buyers will need to be approved by ADNOC Distribution.
We want our franchisees to succeed, and we will be very selective on that basis. We want hard-working, ambitious people who are disciplined, capable, customer-focused, team builders with a positive outlook and pleasant disposition.
ADNOC Distribution Global Company LLC (ADGC), a fully-owned subsidiary of ADNOC Distribution, is the master franchisee of ADNOC Distribution’s Brand concepts outside the UAE. It is responsible for sourcing franchise partners and assisting in the selection and rollout of franchised sites to support the growth of our franchised footprint globally.