ADNOC Distribution Celebrates International Day of Happiness with its Employees, Partners and Customers

20 March 2017

Playing a full part in the International Day of Happiness celebrations that take place on 20 March every year, ADNOC Distribution organised a range of events to celebrate this occasion with its customers, employees and strategic partners and enhance levels of happiness and positive spirit throughout its service station network in the UAE.

Saeed Mubarak Al Rashdi, Acting Chief Executive Officer of ADNOC Distribution, said: “Initiatives that promote happiness and positivity to enrich people’s lives are not new to the UAE. The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan made great efforts to spread happiness across Emirati society according to his view that ‘my wealth is my people’s happiness’. By so doing he introduced a new and unconventional definition for wealth that contrasted with the usual association of wealth with money, thereby placing the happiness of the people as the ultimate goal of development.

The company organised a special ceremony to acknowledge the role played by its strategic partners and customers in the commercial sector and aerospace industries. Nasser Ali Al Hammadi, Senior Vice-President of Commercial Sales at ADNOC Distribution, gave awards to 26 companies and institutions in three main categories reflecting the period of time they have worked as partners with ADNOC Distribution.

Visitors to ADNOC Distribution’s service stations received giveaways as an expression of ADNOC Distribution’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations and to enhancing their happiness and loyalty. Some exclusive discounts were also on offer in collaboration with many restaurants and outlets operating at the stations, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Marrybrown, Baskin-Robbins, and Dunkin’ Donuts.

For their part, commercial partners presented discounts and special offers on vehicle maintenance and spare parts for ADNOC Distribution’s customers. These partners included Al-Futtaim, SandDance, Al Masaood, Central Motors and Equipment, and Liberty Car Care Center.

The Happiness and Positivity Committee at ADNOC Distribution, which was established in early 2017, organised various internal events including a special lecture entitled ‘Happiness is My Decision’ by Saeed Al Khouri, along with a platform to raise donations to support projects and initiatives of the Emirates Red Crescent.

Al Rashdi added: “Following the decision of the UAE Cabinet to set up a Ministry of Happiness in the UAE, ADNOC Distribution has formed its own ‘Happiness and Positivity Committee’, which aims to create an enabling internal environment to promote the highest levels of happiness and satisfaction among employees. By instilling a positive spirit within the company’s various departments, this committee will support our strategic goal of supporting the overall economic development of Abu Dhabi emirate and the UAE as a whole.

As part of its efforts to involve the local community in its International Day of Happiness events, ADNOC Distribution launched a special online hashtag (#empoweringsmiles) and its own filter on SnapChat, encouraging its employees to use the filter and share their happy moments through the hashtag on social media platforms.