His Excellency, UAE Minister of Energy visits ADNOC Distribution service station in Khalifa City

13 April 2016

His Excellency Suhail Mohammed bin Faraj Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy visited today the ADNOC Distribution service station located in Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa City. HE was accompanied by Abdullah Salem Al Dhaheri, Marketing and Refining Director at ADNOC and Saeed Mubarak Al-Rashdi, Acting Chief Executive Officer of ADNOC Distribution and other members of the company’s senior management.

The visit was aimed to identify the techniques and mechanisms adopted at the ADNOC Distribution service stations in the field of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Vehicle Conversion Centres as well as the infrastructure put in place in this regard. ADNOC Distribution has launched its project of Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV) and Vehicle Conversion in collaboration with GASCO in 2011, within an economic and environmental initiative aimed at using an alternative fuel for vehicles.

HE Suhail bin Faraj Al Mazrouei said during the visit: “The Ministry of Energy (MoE) is committed to generating power through environmentally friendly and less carbon-intensive methods. Relying on clean and renewable energy is the core of our strategy and ADNOC Distribution’s natural gas and vehicle conversion station is one of the most prominent projects in this regard.”

For his part, Saeed Mubarak Al Rashdi Acting Chief Executive Officer, ADNOC Distribution welcomed HE Al Mazrouei and his accompanying delegation. Al Rashdi said: “ADNOC Distribution is committed to working side by side with the MoE for its quest to achieve the vision of the national strategy designed to meet the new wave of renewable and clean energy sources. Our work across our service stations positively contributes to the reduction of adverse effects on the environment. “

Al Rashdi added: "Binding to environmental sustainability standards in the UAE, ADNOC Distribution developed a pilot project in 2011 that aims to put natural gas as an alternative fuel for vehicles. The company is keen to adopt and implement its plan to provide its service stations with natural gas. We have established a group of vehicle conversion centres in an effort to maintain a clean and safe environment.”

ADNOC Distribution operates in cooperation with specialised operators to convert vehicles that run on petrol to a bi-fuel system in reliable conversion centres where the conversion process does not take more than six hours. Also, the conversion process does not require any modifications on the vehicle’s engine, where the main components of the bi-system are Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cylinder, regulator, an injection system, and pipeline. Bi-fuel vehicles run on CNG and petrol, both stored in separate tanks.

ADNOC Distribution provides conversion in reliable centres in three of its service stations across Abu Dhabi. They include the stations of Khalifa City, Mushrif and Zakher in Al Ain. The company has also equipped 20 of its stations to supply vehicles with natural gas.