Ensure Compliance of Fuel Meters in AD

27 October 2014

The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, QCC, has announced today that all fuel supply meters used at ADNOC Distribution service stations in Abu Dhabi fully conform to the highest global quality standards.

The announcement came following a thorough inspection by a team of QCC inspectors who, in coordination with ADNOC Distribution, evaluated the accuracy and complete flawlessness of fuel meter measurement across Abu Dhabi.

Abdulla Abdulla Al Khoori, Executive Director, Consumer and Market Services at QCC, commented, "Our collaboration with ADNOC Distribution to confirm the accuracy of fuel dispensed through Abu Dhabi’s service stations reflects our commitment to gain the confidence of consumers in the accuracy of every fuel meter used in Abu Dhabi. It is our constant endeavour to guarantee customer satisfaction, and we are working towards increasing consumer awareness regarding their rights in this aspect.

"QCC deployed special vehicles fitted out with necessary testing equipment in line with the latest international standards. It also used volumetric test measures and international calibration methods to ensure the conformity of meters to set standards. Our efforts have paid off as we have ensured that all meters at service stations in Abu Dhabi are accurate and compliant with standards. We will continue to conduct regular annual verifications to ensure consistent conformity with regulations in order to protect the interest of consumers," he added.

Khalid Hadi, Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications Division at ADNOC Distribution, said, "ADNOC Distribution takes all necessary measures to ensure that our services are compliant with the highest quality standards and specifications. Towards this priority, we collaborate with various stakeholders, including QCC, to ensure the quality of our services as well as safety of consumers. Additionally, ADNOC Distribution measures customer satisfaction by conducting regular surveys and receiving direct feedback." The conformity drive was launched in October 2013 with the pilot phase running across 10 service stations before its official launch on November 5th, 2013. The entire verification process continued until September 2014 to validate that all fuel meters in Abu Dhabi are compliant with standards.