ADNOC Distribution’s Emirati Technical Team Completes Upgrading of Fuel Equipment, Trucks Supplying Fuel at Abu Dhabi International Airport

22 December 2014

ADNOC Distribution, the sole provider of aviation fuel in the Abu Dhabi International Airport, has completed the upgrading of supplying fuel equipment and trucks to ensure compliance with world-class technical standards. ADNOC Distribution’s Emirati technical team was assigned the upgrading work.

The preliminary stages of the project commenced in end-2013 focusing on upgrading of fuel equipment, reviewing the designs for conformity and conducting accredited training workshops for the staff. The project also involved sourcing the best-suited equipment from leading international manufacturers and implementing a design system that reflects international technical standards in security, safety and the environment.

Abdulla Salem Al Dhaheri, Chief Executive Officer, ADNOC Distribution, said: “ADNOC Distribution is keen to keep pace with the rapid developments that the country is witnessing. Our active participation in the mega expansion that is underway at the Abu Dhabi International Airport articulates our priority. In this context, we have spared no effort or investment in enhancing the quality of our products and services to meet best international practices in the field of fueling services for the aviation sector.”

The engagement of ADNOC Distribution’s Emirati workforce in the project reinforces the company’s efforts to provide exposure and experience to its national technical teams in the competitive fields of manufacturing and maintenance of aviation fuel machinery and aircraft equipment.

Al Dhaheri added: “ADNOC Distribution is seeking to deploy a new generation of empowered national technicians, qualified not only in managing operations but also in the handling of equipment and machinery used on site. We also encourage the team to participate in the manufacturing process as part of our operational requirements. Our ultimate aim is to enhance the expertise of national technicians as well as reduce the expenditure on imported equipment. Thanks to our aggressive localization efforts, UAE nationals account for nearly 60% of ADNOC Distribution’s supervisory and technical positions in the aviation services department.”

In June 2014 ADNOC Distribution’s Aviation Operation Division successfully developed and installed its first energy-efficient fueling equipment at the Abu Dhabi International Airport warehouse and carried out necessary technical tests to validate their high efficiency in the airport’s fueling operations.

ADNOC Distribution’s portfolio of aviation products and services adheres to international standards and prestigious regulatory authorities including BSI (British Standards Institute). The company achieved the ISO 9002 certification from the BSI in 1998, and subsequently the ISO 9001-2000 accreditation in 2003. In March 1999, ADNOC Distribution was recognized with the prestigious MTMC (US Military Transport Management Command) Quality Award for Excellent Services.