ADNOC Distribution Re-launches Engine Lubricant Range ‘ADNOC VOYAGER’

29 March 2014

In its efforts to leverage the increasing demand for high quality lubricants, ADNOC Distribution has re-launched today its well-received engine lubricant range - ADNOC VOYAGER - in the UAE market with added value to meet the requirements of a broader range of vehicles and weather conditions.

ADNOC VOYAGER, which carries the slogan ‘Drive with More’, is now available across ADNOC Distribution services stations, dealers, distributors and all authorized lubricant change centers for the government and private sectors in the UAE. The lubricant offers an advanced formulation of quality based oils and carefully balanced chemical additives that go beyond basic prevention of metal-to-metal contact to form a durable coating around the engine to safeguard against wear, rust and corrosion.

ADNOC VOYAGER also enhances engine endurance through its oxidation stability properties that allow engines to perform at high temperatures, and for extended hours.

Khalid Hadi, Vice-President - Marketing and Corporate Communications Division, ADNOC Distribution, said: “We re-launched the ADNOC VOYAGER range with the aim of filling the gap for high performance lubricant brands and consolidating our leading position in the lubricant market in the UAE and beyond. VOYAGER is produced according to the latest international specifications, and is now re-launched with the new and ever-evolving requirements of vehicle users in mind. The lubricant has been tested in high temperatures and with different types of engines to ensure its reliability in different weather conditions and compatibility with all type of vehicles.”

ADNOC VOYAGER bottles, the first of their kind in the UAE, are designed to be product differentiators. Representing a commitment to quality and innovation, the ADNOC VOYAGER bottles feature a unique shroud closure system, making it tamper-proof and non-refillable once opened.

ADNOC Distribution’s lubricant manufacturing plant comprises state-of the-art lubricant blending, filling and packaging facility, modern grease manufacturing unit, high tech brake fluid filling unit, modern transformer oil dehydration, cleaning and filling unit, and extensive storage facilities to meet local and export commitments.

ADNOC Distribution also has a Central Testing Laboratory to carry out comprehensive testing and quality control services.

The lubricant range offered by ADNOC Distribution complies with the latest environmental standards and regulations and has received the highest international certifications from the American Petroleum Institute (API), the US Military Authorities, the British Defense Force, and the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) among others.