ADNOC Distribution Announces Closure of Al Wathba Service Station for Expansion and Maintenance Work

10 December 2014
  • Temporary Fueling Facility for Light Vehicles Provided Onsite
  • Heavy Vehicles Routed to Musafah Service Station
  • Refurbished Al Wathba Facility to Re-open in Two Months

ADNOC Distribution has announced the temporary closure of Al Wathba service station, located near the camel race track in Al Wathba area in Abu Dhabi, for a period of two months for expansion and maintenance work starting 10 December, 2014.

To avoid any inconvenience to light vehicle users, particularly farm owners, ADNOC Distribution has ensured the provision of a temporary fueling facility on the same site. All heavy vehicles will be routed to ADNOC Distribution’s service station in Musafah (on the direction from Musafah to Al Wathba).

Khalid Hadi, Vice President Marketing and Corporate Communication, said: “ADNOC Distribution is committed to upgrading its service stations with modern fit outs and technologies for the added benefit of our rapidly growing customer base. The closure of Al Wathba service station forms part of our regular maintenance plan. The overhauling will increase our capacity and readiness to cope with changing customer needs for fuel or other services and products.”’

Hadi added: “To ensure that are customers in the area are least impacted by the closure, we have set up a temporary station with the capacity to hold 8,000 gallons of fuel (4,000 gallons of special fuel and 4,000 of diesel). Our patrons are also advised to use the alternative service stations within the ADNOC Distribution network in the Baniyas district.”

Apart from the services provided by the temporary service station, the other accessible facilities include the service station in west Baniyas (towards the direction of Al Ain), inside Baniyas city near Al Hamzah school, east Baniyas opposite the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (in the direction towards Abu Dhabi from Al Wathba), and the Al Musafah station (in the direction towards Al Wathba from Musafah).

The Al Wathba service station has been equipped with signage to inform motorists about the status of the station and direct them to the temporary fueling facility available on site.