ADNOC Wallet

A seamless and secure payment solution by ADNOC Distribution

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What is ADNOC Wallet?

ADNOC Wallet is a secure online account that can be managed through the ADNOC Distribution website or dedicated app. A truly contactless payment can be made utilized for refueling, shopping, lube change and car washes.

Signing up for ADNOC Wallet only takes a few minutes. Just download the ADNOC Distribution app, register with your Emirates ID then top up a desired amount to activate and enjoy all the benefits of ADNOC Wallet:

  • Fully secure
  • Tracks everyday spends at ADNOC service stations
  • Allows you to register multiple cars or beneficiaries to an account
  • Gives you access to ADNOC Rewards for exclusive promotions and offers


Using ADNOC Wallet

Once you register with ADNOC Wallet, payments can be made using a number of methods:

  • Emirates ID, which is automatically linked automatically to your account upon registration.
  • Mobile Pay for a truly contactless payment option, where you can top up your account and pay directly by choosing the station location, fuel pump number, type of fuel and amount all from your smartphone.
  • SMART (RFID) Tag is a wireless payment device that activates upon contact with the fuel nozzle, and automatically deducts the total amount after refueling is complete.