ADNOC Distribution handles all marine & bunkering activities for local and international vessels operating in Abu Dhabi waters. Our ship refuelling service for has been enhanced by the construction of a new supply depot at Zayed Port.

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The demand for supplying bunker fuel is constant and increasing dramatically due to the tremendous expansion of offshore projects as well as international sea movements. ADNOC Distribution has developed a standard to deliver and fulfil all these requirements with high quality environment-friendly products (gas oil 10ppm) and has deployed a dedicated logistical team to supply our customers’ requirements at Abu Dhabi Ports, customers’ sites and international anchorage areas.

Our customers are:

- Local customers, mostly petroleum and construction companies, both government and private, that undertake marine projects and activities within the Abu Dhabi territory, and which are eligible to get subsidised prices.

- International customers, agents / brokers, undertaking offshore activities related to Abu Dhabi emirate and which are building partnerships with ADNOC Distribution. The company refers always to the Gas Oil International Market Prices when setting up and offering rates to its international clients.

Our products are:

- Marine Gas Oil (MGO) : recently certified as one of the world’s cleanest & best of marine gas oils, due to its very low sulfur percentage (it indicates a percent of 10 PPM).

- Heavy Fuel Oil 380CST (HFO) / Fuel oil 380 CST: considered one of the world’s best fuel oils, used especially by very big vessels, and by old ones operating large machinery. There is always a high demand for this product from our customers all over the word. It is supplied directly from Ruwais refinery.

Our bunkering delivery methods:

  • By ship (Ship-to-ship supply, and ship-to-customers’ sites)
  • By road (Using trucks)
  • Ex-pipe free port
  • Ex-pipe Ruwais Refinery

To do business with us please email Marine Sales on or call our toll free number 800 300.