Blending & packaging plant

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ADNOC Lubricants Blending and Packaging plant was set up in 1979. It has since undergone a series of developments and expansions to become one of the best in the region. The capacity has been increased more than five times to accommodate the increasing demand for ADNOC lubricants locally and internationally. In 1983, a grease production unit was commissioned, only the second of its kind in the world, to manufacture high quality greases.

The plant comprises of the following units and facilities:

  1. State of the art lubricant blending, filling and packaging facility
  2. Modern grease manufacturing unit
  3. High tech brake fluid filling unit
  4. Modern transformer oil dehydration, cleaning and filling unit
  5. Extensive storage facilities to meet local and export commitments


Central Testing Laboratory
Set up to ensure ADNOC lubricants’ stringent quality control, the central laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and versatile facilities to carry out comprehensive testing and quality control services. Its activities include:

  1. Testing of blended and imported products
  2. Routine quality control
  3. Development and approvals of new products prior to marketing
  4. Used oil analysis
  5. Fuel analysis