Why NGV?

Promoting clean and environmentally friendly energy is a UAE priority and ADNOC Distribution is playing its full part by offering a range of sustainable products meeting growing customer demand for clean energy services.

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ADNOC Distribution has been mandated by the Abu Dhabi Government to create a natural gas for vehicles (NGV) infrastructure. This includes NGV service stations as well as vehicle conversion centres.

In doing so, the company is helping Abu Dhabi to meet its target for 25 per cent of government vehicles to run on low-emissions Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in line with its Economic Vision 2030, thereby catalysing the UAE’s vision of a sustainable, knowledge-based future.

NGV technology is playing a growing role in reducing global levels of air pollution. More than 22 million NGV vehicles are currently being run in more than 80 countries and this number is set to rapidly increase. In the UAE we already have over 5000 NGV-converted vehicles on our roads.

In order to consolidate and expand the NGV initiative, ADNOC Distribution is developing a supporting infrastructure of CNG facilities at its service stations and ensuring that vehicle conversion centres and equipment comply with the highest international standards.