What is NGV?

NGV (Natural Gas for Vehicles) is an alternative vehicle fuel that uses compressed natural gas (CNG) as a cleaner alternative transportation. It can be used in all types of transportation applications including vehicles, buses, trucks, cranes, vans, and also in forklifts.

While the CNG used for NGV is a fossil fuel like Gasoline and Diesel, it is safer and cleaner and more cost-effective. The primary component is methane, comprising approximately 93% of the contents, along with ethane, propane, butane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other gases. NGV is compressed to a nominal pressure of 200 bar in order to maximise vehicle on-board storage capacity.  

NGV technology has been available on the market for many years. Some countries already have a significant number of enabled vehicles - currently there are more than 22 million NGV vehicles in more than 80 countries.

NGV is currently used by taxis and government cars in the UAE as well as individual car owners. There is an approved government decree to convert 25% of government entity vehicles to NGV.