Using NGV

After converting to NGV, drivers can operate their vehicles as normal, switching between gas and gasoline when on the move and refilling at designated stations.

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Below are some tips of using your NGV vehicle after conversion

  1. You can fuel your vehicles at any NGV service stations. Click here to see the map.
  2. An electronic switch on the dashboard permits a selection of either natural gas or gasoline. It also displays the quantity of the natural gas inside the cylinder by means of four green lights. When the last light blinks, drivers must refill.  Drivers are able to switch between natural gas to gasoline and vice versa while the car is in operation.


Your fuel consumption

Like any other fuel, consumption of natural gas depends on many parameters such as driving habits, weather conditions and the size of the engine. Since 1 cubic meter of NGV has slightly more energy than 1 litre of gasoline, consumption of the gas will be slightly lower than that of gasoline under the same operating conditions.    

Recommendations after conversion

  1. Ensure periodical maintenance of the vehicle’s air filter, ignition and cooling system.
  2. For any after-service, please visit an authorised conversion workshop.
  3. Keep a reasonable quantity of gasoline.