Converting to NGV

Follow a simple conversion process that requires only the addition of NGV components, with no modification to the engine whatsoever.

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Customers looking to convert their vehicle must contact the NGV service centre by phone on 800300 or visit any of our conversion centres to obtain information and start the process. We will then issue a conversion request form containing all relevant information for customers regarding the location and date of their conversion.

Customers must provide the following documents for the conversion process:

Fleet / Commercial CustomersPrivate Customers
Letter from the company signed by an authorized person Approval from the customer which can also be sent via email or fax
Trade License ID/passport copy with valid UAE residence visa
Melkiyas Melkiya
Bank Guarantee or LPO Melkiya
Contact Details for concerned person Contact Details for concerned person

Conversion kits are available for all vehicles with 4, 6 and 8 cylinders.

The conversion process takes approximately 4-6 hours. Vehicle petrol tanks will be retained and gas will be stored in an additional cylinder. This cylinder is typically installed in the vehicle’s trunk, or sometimes beneath the vehicle. 


The NGV stickers

In order to identify that a vehicle has been converted to NGV, three stickers will be placed:

  • Identification sticker: Identifies the vehicle that it has been converted and certified; location: Front window and top passenger side.
  • Commercial sticker: Marketing the NGV business; location: Gasoline filling port.
  • Cylinder sticker: Identifies the cylinder re-inspection date; location: NGV Cylinder.