Staffing & training

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Conforming to ADNOC’s vision to support the development of a national human capital workforce, ADNOC Distribution deploys significant resources on targeting the right individuals, providing them with the best facilities and allowing them to thrive and excel in an enabling working environment through continued training and education.

With internationally recognised training systems and facilities, we conduct basic and refresher training programs on all aspects of aviation fuel - quality control, fuelling operations, fixed and mobile equipment testing and maintenance, as well as safety and the environment. In addition, staff are trained to ensure their compliance with ADNOC Aviation’s and local authority’s standards and policies.

Since October 2012, ADNOC Distribution training facilities at Abu Dhabi International Airport have been recognised by the International Fuel Quality Pool (IFQP) of IATA as one of the four training facilities worldwide to perform the IFQP Airfield Inspector training course.