Certifications & awards

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- The company obtained ISO 9002 certification from the BSI (British Standards Institute) in 1998, and subsequently the ISO 9001-2000 accreditation in 2003.

- In March 1999, ADNOC Aviation was recognised with the prestigious MTMC (US Military Transport Management Command) Quality Award for Excellent Services.

- In January 2011, ADNOC Aviation became a Strategic Partner Member of IATA. In March 2011, ADNOC Aviation became an Associate Member of Joint Inspection Group (JIG).

- In 2013, ADNOC Distribution won the ‘Best Aviation Fuel Service Provider’ title from Emerging Markets Airports in the Middle East. This award was evaluated on the basis of turnover times, quality and brand standards, as well as safety and security standards among others.  

- In January 2014, ADNOC Aviation became a member of the International Association of Stability, Handling and Use of Liquid Fuels (IASH).