Since 1982, we’ve been catering to more than 200 regional and international customers in civil and military sectors, with high standard products and services distributed through state-of-the-art fuelling facilities, with health, safety and the environment (HSE) at the core of all of our operations.

  • Products & services

    Our high standard products and services are made available through state-of-the-art fuelling facilities in seven international airports across the UAE.

  • Facilities & operations

    ADNOC Distribution’s aircraft refuelling vehicles range in capacity from 5,000 litres to 65,000 litres. Special requirements such as low-profile vehicle design and defuelling capabilities can also be easily accommodated.

  • Certifications & awards

    Each award is a testimony of our teams’ hard work and determination and drives us to constantly develop better products and services.

  • Staffing & training

    Our Abu Dhabi International Airport training facilities have been recognised as one of the four worldwide to perform the IFQP Airfield Inspector training course.