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We have listed below various questions you may have and given short answers to each. We will be happy to answer these in greater detail if you so wish, along with any other questions you may have.

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Q: How can I finance the ADNOC Distribution Franchise?
A: Banks are the most convenient way to generate finance and probably have a specialist franchise department. They will expect to see your business case and we will help you in putting this together. Franchising is seen as a safer way to start a new business. In this regard, local bank managers will usually provide attractive terms and a higher lending proportion of the required start-up capital than might otherwise be available.


Q: Who will find the location?
A: The potential franchisee should find or recommend the franchise location. We have our own selection criteria and will want to approve the premises, likely footfall and its sales potential prior to you negotiating the lease or purchasing the freehold.


Q: What should be the size of the location and what type of franchise will I need?
A: We currently have four performance formats available within the franchise concept. They can range in plot size from 3,000 sq. m to 26,000 sq. m. All sites and opportunities though are assessed on individual merit.


Q: Do I have to pay an initial fee to secure the ADNOC Franchise?
A: Yes. Please email for initial fees details.


Q: Will I need to prepare a business plan?
A: Yes. We will need to satisfy ourselves that what you project in your business plan is both realistic and achievable. You will also require this for your own planning and for raising any additional funding required to start your business. Please email for specifications.


A: Why is this franchise more beneficial than just opening my own operation?
Q: Being a ADNOC Distribution franchisee will give you access to better buying prices, which means a wider range of products for less money tied up in stock. You will gain from the considerable experience of our management team, reducing the usual learning curve you may otherwise have to experience. You will benefit from shared experiences and marketing, and you will have access to industry-leading systems, processes and training and building specifications for your operation.


Q: Can I sell my franchise?
A: Yes. One of the benefits of owning a business is the ability to sell that business and receive the capital appreciation you have built up over time. Obviously, we will want to first approve the buyer.


Q: On what basis do you select your franchisees?
A: We want our franchisees to succeed and on that basis, we will be very selective. We want hard working ambitious people who are disciplined, capable, customer focused, team builders with a positive outlook, and who are happy, with a pleasant disposition.


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You may also attach to your email any relevant information such as company profile, site plans or photos.