Pay using Rahal card

For individuals and fleets, Rahal offers customised cards to better manage fuel consumption, shop at Oasis, buy snacks and use car care services throughout our network. Visit Rahal centres for card issuance / feature amendments / card cancellation / refunds and payment acceptance.

An ADNOC Distribution Rahal card is the convenient way to keep an eye on how much you spend. Accepted at any of our service stations, you can use it to refuel, buy snacks or get your car washed.

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Get your Rahal card:

  1. From any of our service stations - visit today and drive away with a pre-paid Rahal card
  2. From our offices – visit our head office on Salam Street, Abu Dhabi and get the most of customised Rahal cards. Be greeted by friendly service counter staff and learn more about Rahal’s features and benefits before submitting an application form. (prepaid + all types)

Types of Rahal cards:

  1. Rahal Corporate: A highly customized credit-based card, ideally designed to allow company staff to track and pay for fuel or services without the hassle of coupons or a receipt system.
  2. Rahal Private (Personal): Individuals looking for a pre-payment option that can be easily customised can rely on this card for its flexibility and convenience.
  3. Rahal E-Diesel: A newly implemented pre-paid card exclusively designed for Diesel purchases
  4. Rahal E-Cash: prepaid cash card offered to customers at service stations
  5. Rahal E-Gas: a product that allows Northern Emirates residents to get subsidised gas cylinders (LPG).  This complimentary card is exclusive for UAE nationals and is issued free of cost at our Sharjah offices or at selected service stations across the UAE