Marine service stations

ADNOC Distribution operates a number of marine service stations. Please aware of safety instructions related to refuelling.

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Before refuelling


  • Sail the boat slowly into the station
  • Tie the boat securely to the fuel dock
  • Avoid tying-up the boat alongside another boat
  • Turn off power supply, electrical switches and other sources of ignition
  • Put away any fabric soaked with flammable material
  • Check out the fuel tank, conveyance tube and battery to confirm good condition
  • Ensure there is no slippery material on the floor of the boat
  • Ask all passengers to step out of the boat for optimum personal safety
  • Close all windows, portholes, hatches and cabin doors so as to prevent fumes entering the hull
  • Open boat fuel tank and place the cap on the boat floor nearby


 During refuelling


  • Inform filler standing on the jetty about your product needs and mode of payment
  • Receive the appropriate nozzle from the filler
  • Insert the nozzle into fuel tank and ensure that it is fully inserted inside the fill neck
  • Ensure nozzle is securely in place and avoid producing nozzle-neck friction and sparks
  • Start filling after the filler lifts up the nozzle lever at the dispenser side
  • Ensure there is no overflowing or spillage of fuel


 After refuelling


  • Remove the nozzle carefully and close the fuel tank
  • Return the nozzle to the filler
  • Give the filler the payment either by cash or card
  • Open all hatches so as to ventilate the boat
  • Inspect bilges and properly clean up leakages and spillages, if any
  • Start the engine
  • Reload the passengers
  • Sail the boat slowly out of the station


General tips


  • Keep boat well-maintained and equipped with a fire extinguisher and spill kit along with respective user guide
  • Do not smoke and keep mobile phones switched off when the boat is at the station
  • Only buy portable jerry cans approved by ADNOC Distribution, if required