Car wash

Our service stations offer a range of quality car wash services, including our brushless car wash that guarantees clean & shiny cars with no scratches.

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Our service stations offer a range of quality car wash services. We will help you keep your car clean- inside and out. Our washing process ensures that your car is taken care of safely and efficiently, in a short amount of time. Each car is unique, and we pay special attention to make your car look its very best, using only the highest quality products and equipment to ensure complete satisfaction.

Wash your car around the clock!

We provide now 24 hours a day car wash services in 14 location:

  • Khalifa City (766) - Automatic
  • Al Yasat (926) - Automatic
  • Al Dana (966) – Automatic / Manual
  • Al Mushrif (971) - Automatic / Manual
  • Al Qanah (752) - Automatic
  • Embassies Area (782) - Automatic
  • Officers City (950) - Automatic
  • Souq Al Bateen (969) - Automatic
  • Rabdan (162) - Automatic / Manual
  • Al Saada (918) - Automatic
  • Al Maha (924) - Automatic
  • Al Nasser (928) - Automatic


Brushless car wash

This touch-free wash injects the right amount of water at a pre-set temperature

The result - clean & shiny cars, in an eco-friendly, energy-efficient environment

No brushes, no scratches!