Service stations

Refuel, change oil and tyres, get your car washed, shop at the Oasis or have a snack. You can also buy a wide range of Voyager lubricants and LPG cylinders.

  • For your convenience

    Whether in-town or on the motorway, our service stations are a convenient one-stop-shop when you’re on the move.

  • Find the nearest service station

    Browse our easy-to-navigate map and get directions to the closest service station. Discover what services are available here.

  • Fuel

    Explore our wide range of quality gasoline, including Super Gasoline and Green Unleaded. Choose from a variety of octane levels, and use what best matches your vehicle’s requirements.

  • NGV

    Vehicles running on petrol can be converted to bi-fuel. Conversion takes six to eight hours and doesn’t require any engine modification. Bi-fuel vehicles run on NGV and petrol, stored in separate tanks.

  • Car wash

    Our service stations offer a range of quality car wash services, including our brushless car wash that guarantees clean & shiny cars with no scratches.

  • Lube change

    Find a comprehensive range of lubricants, including synthetic, semi-synthetic and diesel oils. ADNOC’s lube brands, VOYAGER Gold, Silver, Bronze are each designed for your engine’s premium performance.

  • Car care services

    Our service stations are often home to third party car care providers who offer quick, efficient services that are great value for money.

  • Marine service stations

    ADNOC Distribution operates a number of marine service stations. Please aware of safety instructions related to refuelling.

  • Four simple steps of Self Serve

    To fuel your vehicle safely and smoothly, follow the four simple steps to self serve.