ADNOC Distribution has its mobile petrol station to residential customers. The revolutionary ‘MyStation’ truck keeps the UAE on the move by delivering fuel directly to customers with no additional delivery fee. The petrol station in your parking lot.


Key Features:

• With MyStation, customers can schedule refueling wherever they are, whenever they need, with the aid of a MyStation fuel attendant

• MyStation is only available in:

Al Riyadh City, Abu Dhabi 

Abu Dhabi Island

Al Maryah

Al Reem

Al Falah City

• Trucks and trailers are built to the highest safety standards

• Trucks are fitted with tracking systems and CCTVs to monitor operation

• Fuel types: ULG 95 Octane Fuel


Call 800 300 or 054 7929411 to order refueling. Available from 7 AM – 11 PM (Daily)