ADNOC Xpress aims to reduce overcrowding at existing service stations while ensuring maximum convenience for our customers.

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In an effort to offer motorists more options to refuel their vehicles, ADNOC Distribution has launched ADNOC Xpress – a new type of station offering a simple and convenient fuelling-only experience.

As Abu Dhabi continues to witness a rapid expansion of urban space within the city and its suburban areas, the new stations aim to reduce traffic at existing service stations while ensuring maximum flexibility for customers.


Our ADNOC Xpress stations feature one island offering either Special 95 & E-Plus 91, or Special 95 & Super 98, in two designs:

Type 1: contains one island with 3 pumps, able to serve 6 cars at the same time

Type 2: contains one island with 2 pumps able to serve 4 cars at the same time

Stations with two dispensers span an area of 600 square metres and those with three
dispensers an area of 800 square metres. 


The ADNOC Xpress station network caters to the most crowded streets and areas of Abu Dhabi city and its peripheral areas, meeting customer needs with 10 new stations at the following locations:


  RegionStation NameStation NoLocation
1 Abu Dhabi Al Khubeirah


King Abdulla Al Saud St
2 Al Zahiyah


Al Falah St
3 Al Rowdah  138 Delma St
4 Al Qurm 139 Sheikh Zayed St
5 Al Maqta 140 Sheikh Rashid St
6 Al Raha 144 Khalifa City
7 Al Ramla 147 Shakbout City
8 Al Shurooq 148 Shakbout City
9 Bab Al Sharq  149 Mohamed Bin Zayed City
10 Al Tijaryah  152 Mohamed Bin Zayed City