Become a Wallet customer

All individual customers in the UAE are invited to register to ADNOC Wallet and become ADNOC SMART customers.

Customers are now able to register online or visit our dedicated SMART card centresOnce registered, customers will be able to manage their transaction online, via ADNOC Wallet

ADNOC Wallet customers benefit from faster services and can efficiently manage their financial transactions through an array of payment methods available through online. ADNOC Wallet allows customers to take full control of their online accounts. 

Customers subscribing to ADNOC Wallet can make fuelling payments through a SMART tag (an Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based authorisation method) or via ADNOC Plus. Customers may also enable their EID for non-fuelling purchases, such as C-store products, lube change and car wash. The ADNOC Plus card can be used across fueling and non-fuelling services