ADNOC On the go

Innovative next generation fuel and retail station specially designed for communities and neighborhoods

on the go station

Introducing ‘ADNOC On the go’

New station concept is central part of ADNOC Distribution’s focus on customers; utilizing new digital technologies to improve customer experience, stations will have stand-alone or drive-through Oasis stores



Next generation ‘ADNOC On the go’ stations offer stand-alone, or drive-through smart technology enabled Oasis stores where customers can shop without leaving their vehicles.


Easy build

‘ADNOC On The Go’ stations are faster to build and cost less than traditional ones. The flexible design allows smaller neighborhood stations to be installed where traditional stations would be impractical


Ambitious deployment plan

Fifty ‘ADNOC On the go’ stations planned across the UAE by end 2020


At a glance

  •          Self-contained fueling station offering multiple designs, flexible solutions with different configurations tailored to each location and customer needs.
  •          Drive-through Oasis store, linked to fueling aisle to facilitate in-vehicle shopping, with or without fueling.
  •          Offering fuel and convenience store experience under one canopy.
  •          Drive-through convenience, technology-enabled Oasis stores. Smart menu displays convenience store items to choose from.


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Press Release

ADNOC Distribution Launches New Neighborhood Station, ‘ADNOC On the go’, to Better Serve Customers across the UAE