Vehicle inspections & tests

We provide a wide range of vehicle inspections that are compulsory when you renew your car registration, buy a second-hand car, import a car, change vehicle’s chassis or engine, or are requested by the police to change your vehicle’s tyres.

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Customer journey & costs


  1. Visit any VIC during working hours, Check if you have any fines linked to the car that you are planning to register and pay them
  2. Drive your car through the test lane.
    - Testing is required if your vehicle is older than three years. Go directly to the office and take a ticket to queue if your vehicle is less than three years old
    - Vehicle testing takes approximate 10 min (excluding queuing time)
  3. Obtain your vehicle test certificate.
    - If your vehicle passes, you are given a vehicle test certificate.
    - If it fails, you must repair any required parts and revisit the test lane before your current registration expires.
    - Upon receiving the vehicle test certificate, take a ticket and wait till your turn comes
  4. Buy your car insurance and obtain the vehicle insurance certificate
  5. Obtain vehicle registration card from the Police office or service machine


Make sure you have the following:


-  your old car registration card
-  your Emirates ID
-  your valid UAE driving licence
-  the vehicle insurance certificate
-  the vehicle test certificate.


You will then be issued a new registration card and given a little sticker to put on your license plate.


Important note regarding fines:


- You will not be able to renew (or transfer an existing registration to you) if there are any outstanding traffic fines against the existing registration.
- This is VERY IMPORTANT if you are buying a used car. The fines will need to be paid in advance of the renewal date.
- Click here to check for fines against your vehicle registration.



  • AED 150 - Fresh Test
  • AED 50 - First Retest (Free - Second Retest)
  • AED 350 - Comprehensive Test
  • AED 100 - Export Test
  • AED 150 - Trailer and Semi-Trailer Inspection Test
  • AED 100 - Trailer and Semi-Trailer Inspection Retest
  • AED 40 - Color Change Test
  • AED 40 - Change Information
  • AED 40 - Advertisement Stickers Test