Vehicle Inspection Centres (VIC)

Visit our VIC centres for safety inspection services, required for vehicle registration; permit services including 25 types of vehicle modifications; as well as ESMA service (UAE standards text) - required for registration of used imported vehicles.

  • Overview

    We manage a growing network of vehicle inspection centres (VIC) in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region. These are authorised by Abu Dhabi Police for light vehicle testing and inspection.

  • Find the nearest VIC

    Browse our easy-to-navigate map and get directions to the closest Salama. Discover what services are available here.

  • Vehicle inspections & tests

    We provide a wide range of vehicle inspections that are compulsory when you renew your car registration, buy a second-hand car, import a car, change vehicle’s chassis or engine, or are requested by the police to change your vehicle’s tyres.