Car care

We offer excellent service, maximum comfort and great value for money. Services include oil change, brakes & mechanical works, tyre rotation & wheel alignment, car accessories & spare parts, batteries & electrical works, foam wash, eco-friendly waterless car wash, paint protection, polishing and interior cleaning.

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Oil change: Our fast oil change and replacement of oil filters extend your engine’s life and reduce harmful emissions. Our professionals offer expert advice on how to avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns by using the best oil for your engine.

Brakes & mechanical works: Safety is paramount, and we analyse each component of your vehicle's brake system; from the hydraulic brake fluids to the brake pedals, discs, pads, power brake boosters, electronic anti-lock brake sensors and much more.

Tyre rotation & wheel alignment: The UAE's weather conditions require regular checks of your vehicle’s tyre pressure. We go a step further by ensuring your wheels are perfectly aligned and regularly rotated, to safely handle various road conditions and weights. For new tyres, our professionals help you choose the exact size and type that suits your car.

Car accessories & spare parts: We offer everything everything from cosmetic enhancements like new grilles and vents, to rear accessories like tail lights and bumpers, and front accessories like windshield viper blades.

Batteries & electrical works: We stock world famous brands of car batteries, with guarantees from the manufacturers. Our specialists can inspect your battery to ensure that it has the capacity to accommodate the power demands of your car's on-board accessories and emergency power needs, giving you peak performance and maximum power.

Foam wash: Our state-of-the-art automated car wash uses the latest technology to deliver gentle, scratch-free cleansing that removes even the most stubborn dirt and enhances your car's glossy shine.

Eco-friendly waterless car wash: Our biodegradable car wash is great for the environment, and leaves your car spotlessly clean, removing all the impurities.

Paint protection: We protect deep under your vehicle's paintwork to combat the sun, corrosive toxins and gravel damage. Using the most sophisticated techniques in car waxing, glazing, and invisible paint protection films, we preserve your car's showroom appearance.

Polishing: We meticulously polish all parts of your car to flawless perfection, including cosmetic restorative work to remove scratches, stone chips and other defects. Our car detailing services reverse the appearance of ageing and impurities, restoring its original brand new look.

Interior cleaning: We ensure that your car is clean and pristine - both inside and out. Our auto carpet cleaning removes all stains and odours, while our specialist tools clean the most hard-to-reach corners of your car's interior.