ADNOC Wallet - Corporate Prepaid Customers

Terms and Conditions for Corporate Prepaid Customers

These terms and conditions shall govern the relationship between Abu Dhabi National Oil Company for Distribution herein referred to as “Company” and the party contracting with it to use the ADNOC Wallet “herein referred to as the “Accountholder(s)”.




1.1.      Agreement: - means these ADNOC Wallet Terms and Conditions for Corporate Prepaid Account.


1.2.      ADNOC SMART Services Centres :- means the Company SMART Service Centres (also referred to as SMART Card Centres), Service Stations ,C Stores, Call Centre (which also means Customer Interaction Centre ) or any Company  premises where ADNOC Wallet services including but not limited to  New Pre-Paid Customer Registration, Pre-Paid Customer Top Up, Customer Account Activation, SMART Tag Token Creation and Appointment Scheduling for new or replacement tags , SMART Tag Activation ,SMART token account management services with additional service charges which may change from time to time are performed as authorized by the Company .


1.3.      RFIC: - are exclusive Centres authorized by the Company to perform SMART tag installation for vehicles based on scheduled appointment through various modes as authorized by the Company. They also perform New Pre-Paid Customer Registration, Customer Account Activation, SMART Tag Token Creation and Appointment Scheduling, SMART Tag Activation, Handle Support Tickets and schedule support activities for RFIC Centres. The other services that are performed at RFIC Centre by RFIC Technician includes SMART Tag Installation, SMART Tag Replacement, SMART Tag Pairing, SMART Tag Quality Check, & Warranty, RFID SMART Tag Transfer, RFIC Troubleshooting. RFIC Coordinator  is the staff that receives fleet/Premier SMART Tag installation requests from the Customer Service Portal through internet network hereinafter referred to as  CSP and Call Centre, contact such customers and verify vehicle information, define/schedule fleet SMART Tag  tokens and appointments, coordinate with the mobile units for SMART Tag  installation process


1.4.      ADNOC Agents: - are staff performing ADNOC Wallet services at ADNOC SMART Services Centres, RFIC Centres and Call Centres.


1.5.      Account: - shall mean ADNOC Wallet account the Accountholder(s) has with the Company operable through its branches in the UAE determined and accessible by the Services. ADNOC Wallet Account is created directly by customer through CSP or through ADNOC Agents. All beneficiaries and payment tokens comes under the ADNOC Wallet Account and the Accountholder(s) is responsible for managing them. Account has a financial liability towards the Company and can have multiple beneficiaries and payment tokens.


1.6.      Accountholder(s): -shall mean any person who has entered into an agreement with the Company for availing products and Services in respect of which the Company may act on the instructions of anyone or more of them. The Accountholder(s), its beneficiaries, Financial Admins and any person utilizing the payment tokens to perform transactions are also referred to as the ADNOC Wallet Accountholder(s) and shall be treated as an ADNOC SMART Customer.


1.7.      ADNOC Wallet:- is the Company provided solution for  ADNOC Wallet Accountholder(s)  wherein they can either through CSP or through ADNOC Agents / or other Agents as authorized by the Company defined by their roles may access information ,create and manage ADNOC Wallet account , beneficiaries, tokens , apply  for new products or services, give instructions in respect of certain products or services or any other product or service that will be made available and  permitted by the Company in future. Managing Accounts  also means managing  beneficiaries ,tokens and includes but not limited to   creation , activation, modification, suspension ,termination  of Customer Account, Beneficiary(s) , Payment Token(s), performing transactions such as top up of payment tokens , renewal or replacement of tokens, access reports , system and other services as permitted and  deemed by the Company. Therefore the party contracting with the Company to use the ADNOC Wallet   or any Beneficiary (who inherits their status from the Account), Operational or Financial Admin authorized by the Accountholder(s) for management of Accounts through modes permitted by the Company and usage of payment tokens authorized by the Company    is the Accountholder(s) or ADNOC Wallet Accountholder(s) and becomes an ADNOC SMART Customer.


1.8.   Payment Token: -herein referred to as the “Token”shall mean a payment device or payment mode obtained from the Companyas per the terms and conditions available at the point of sale and issued by the Company to the Accountholder(s) for the purposes of availing the Products and Services. Such Token may at the discretion of the Company be customized in future to incorporate security features and enhance administrative convenience with additional specifications to ensure safer authorized use of the token. Accountholder(s) s shall regularly check the Company Website, CSP and/or ADNOC Wallet Account to be updated with the information. Each token is associated with a beneficiary and comes under the ADNOC Wallet Account. Token includes ADNOC Plus Card, ID Card, SMART Tag or any other product that could be added in future and notified by Company through any method deemed necessary by the Company. Smart Card wherever referred to or used in this agreement or as set out in this agreement  shall be construed so as to include ADNOC Plus Card, ID Card , SMART Tag or any other product that could be added in future and duly notified by Company collectively referred to as “Payment Token”


1.9.      Interactive Voice Response (IVR):- means technology device that allows an equipment, and/or the system which provides electronic access to the Accountholder(s) to carry out certain transactions on the Account including, but not limited to enquiries on the Account balance and Account Token Transactions.


1.10.  To an Accountholder(s), PIN” shallmean the personal identification number required to gain access to a terminal, IVR, authorize SMART Tag installation or the ADNOC Wallet to perform Transaction or any other Instructions.


1.11.  OTP : means a one-time password that is valid to gain a access to a terminal for only one login session or one time to perform or authorize  transaction  for e.g. authorize tag installation/account management feature etc..


1.12.  Preauthorization limit: - is set as an overall transaction limit or any amount for all ADNOC Wallet Accountholder(s) s. Transaction limit will be applied only if it is less than the preauthorization limit.


1.13.  Top Up: is providing credit in the Account by way of Bank Card through CSP  or directly at through selected Company Service Stations or  C Stores by providing  cash in U.A.E Dirham currency or bank Card(as determined by the Company). Customer needs to either present the Emirates ID or provide the account number for topping up at any of the Company Service Stations or C Stores.


1.14.  The balance of the Account: The credit balance available in the Account to conduct transaction. The user shall top up the Account in U.A.E. Dirham currency only.


1.15.  Account transaction: The amount deducted/added from/to the balance of the Account on any permitted services.


1.16.  Services: implies permissible Services as determined and notified by the Company from time to time.


1.17.  Charge or Fee means amount payable by the user arising from the Issue, Use, Modification, Installation, Replacement, Renewal, Suspension, Termination, Reactivation of Blocked Account/Beneficiary /token, any other additional services etc. as identified by the Company and updated on its Website or CSP or available from SMART Service Centres or Call Centre or any mode of communication as felt necessary by the Company from time to time. The charges/fees shall be applicable and effective from the date mentioned in the notice or immediately in the absence of the date in the notice.


1.18.          Self Service Terminal ‘means a terminal or device that is operated by the ADNOC Wallet Accountholder(s) for reading, capturing and transmitting Account/Beneficiary/token information in an unattended environment and providing the user of the Account/token with the product and/or service requested.


1.19.          ‘Terminal’ shall mean, device approved by the Company through which Account/token Transactions may be performed.


1.20.          “UAE VAT” means value added tax or similar charges in respect of transactions involving the sale or provision of goods and/or services and payable to any GOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITY in the UAE in accordance with the VAT LAW.



1.21.          “VAT LAW” means applicable LAWS of the UAE in relation to VAT, including “Federal Decree – Law No. (8) of 2017 on Value Added Tax



1.22.          The term ‘Person’ means an Individual or any other Legal Entity and reference to Person shall include any Individual Firm, Corporation, Company, Partnership, Association or Body Of Individuals whether incorporated or not ,or any other Corporation constituted as a Body Corporate.


1.23.  ‘You’ – means an Accountholder|(s) who accepts and enters into these terms & conditions. ‘Your’ shall have a corresponding meaning.

2. Acceptance of the Terms.


Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as they shall govern the use of your Account and set out the Agreement between the Accountholder(s) and the Company. The Accountholder(s) shall be deemed to have accepted the ADNOC Wallet i.e. Account/Beneficiary/, payment token and the terms of this Agreement on obtaining and/or use of theAccount/token(s).


3. Agreement/Terms and Conditions Acceptance –


By obtaining or using or accessing the ADNOC Wallet i.e. Account/Beneficiary/, payment token, or permitting anyone else to use the ADNOC Wallet, you agree with this Agreement/Terms and Conditions. You shall be liable for all Account/Beneficiary/token Transactions executed with the use of your Account/Beneficiary/token, irrespective of whether or not you have authorized such transaction(s) or been aware of them .The Company may from time to time adopt new or amend provisions as deemed necessary which shall be effective after notice has been mailed to you at the last address provided by you or e-mail address on your records or on being posted on our Website or CSP or as deemed necessary by the Company.

The use of the ADNOC Wallet signifies the unconditional acceptance of its terms and conditions that the Accountholder(s) acknowledges having read and accepted at the time of enrollment / registration.




a)      Account Creation for Corporate  Prepaid:


To register for the Corporate Prepaid Account, the following are required: -    

  1. Provide duly filled Application form containing mandatory details signed by the authorized signatory with Company stamp (if applied through ADNOC Agent), Original Copy of Trade License.*, Original Copy of Power of Attorney * to be uploaded through ADNOC Agent or enter the same and upload documents directly through CSP.
  2. The information being entered/provided shall be accurate, complete and up-to date .It is Accountholder(s) responsibility to ensure the entered/provided information is correct and shall inform the Company of any changes to the provided information, including address and update the same to the COMPANY.
  3. The Wallet Facility is subject to the Company’s schedule of fees and charges as published from time to time. Details for these fees and charges are also available
  4. Make the customer registration form to be signed digitally using EID of the Accountholder(s) or person authorized by him such as Operational Admin/Beneficiary and accept the terms and conditions or directly accept the terms and conditions through CSP.
  5. If application is for vehicle, present valid original copy of registration of the vehicle (both sides) or  to be uploaded while creating account through CSP or RFIC Coordinator at Call Centre for premier service/mobile unit service (if applicable).*

* These Documents must be submitted to the Company initially and whenever any update is done.


After Account creation Accountholder(s) will be issued with a dedicated customer number & temporary password via SMS / email on their registered mobile number/email address as per the selected preferred notification. The Accountholder(s) will then be able to access with Email address/Mobile number (for individual prepaid) or email address (for Corporate Prepaid) & password to log into the ADNOC Wallet and start managing ADNOC Wallet functions. The Accountholder(s) must be aware of customer number and safeguard the password for ADNOC Wallet.   



a)      Beneficiary:-A default beneficiary will be created by using customer’s address and preference details for individual prepaid account or corporate prepaid account while visiting ADNOC SMART Services Centre or RFIC Centre through ADNOC Agent or directly through CSP. If other beneficiary details are required by Accountholder(s)   it can be entered directly by the Accountholder(s)   through CSP.

b)      Accountholder(s) can create new multiple beneficiaries by adding a new beneficiary and entering the required beneficiary details directly by them through CSP.

c)      Beneficiary can be modified by the Accountholder(s).

d)      Beneficiaries inherit their status from the account. For e.g. a beneficiary created for an active account will be in active status.

e)      Accountholder(s) Beneficiary can be assigned certain options or features as permitted by the Company.




5.1.      On Accountholder(s)’s request a token may be issued at the sole discretion of the Company to enable the Accountholder(s) effect transactions at any terminals permitted by the Company. The submission of the documents or entry of request does not guarantee the issuance of the token or any its services.


5.2.      The Account can be used by the Accountholder for refueling his/her vehicle at the Premium Service Terminal or Self Service Terminal as per token restriction set in the account/token.


5.3.      The Company may from time to time in its discretion and without prior notice change the available benefits and scope of the services provided by the Company in relation to the Account. Accountholder(s) shall visit the Company Website, CSP and/or ADNOC Wallet regularly to keep updated with requisite information’s.


5.4.      The Company may ask for any documents to its satisfaction felt necessary in any context at anytime and reserves the right to deny benefit of the Account without assigning any reason.


5.5.      Quantity restriction is only available for one allowed product.


5.6.      On activating a token, it becomes ready to be used in stations. The token can be activated only if the beneficiary is in active status.


5.7.      Account, beneficiary and Token status that can be changed/modified in ADNOC Wallet by the customer are active, suspended and terminated as permitted by the Company.

5.8.      There is no vehicle restriction or identification for ADNOC Plus Card and ID Card tokens


5.9.      The Account and the token(s) of the Account is non-transferable and may be used only by the Accountholder(s) or by its duly authorized employees and/or agents, nominees. The Account holder shall not pledge the Account/token as security for any purpose whatsoever. The Accountholder(s) warrants that all Authorized users shall comply with these terms and Conditions at all times.


5.10.  The  Account, Beneficiary under Account , token in Account under beneficiary are all created, activated  and issued entirely at the risk of the Accountholder(s)  and the Company shall bear no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage arising from the issue, use or the inability to use the token, howsoever caused.


5.11.  The quantities, for which the Account is issued may be reduced or increased at any time felt necessary at the entire discretion of the Company. The Accountholder(s) accepts the COMPANY’s record of transactions as conclusive and binding for all purposes.


5.12.  When enrolling for an account, Accountholder(s)   must provide us with accurate, complete and up-to-date information as requested on the CSP or to the ADNOC Agent or RFIC Coordinator.. The Accountholder(s) agree that the information supplied will be truthful, accurate and complete. The Accountholder(s) shall promptly notify the Company in writing to ADNOC SMART Services Centre /RFIC/Call centre or directly through CSP of any changes effected in his residential address and/or office address and/or any other changes on information provided to the Company in connection with his application of the Account to effect such changes in his Account.


5.13.  The Company shall not be liable to the Accountholder(s) or any third party for any failure in performing the Company’s obligations or providing any service including the token is not honored or accepted or if the Accountholder(s) or any third party incurs any loss or injury including by reason of any mechanical or other malfunction in connection with any computer, telecommunications, technical or non-technical failure.


5.14.  Responsibility:

a)      Upon the issuance of the Payment Token by ADNOC Distribution and acceptance by the Accountholder(s)  , the Accountholder(s)  shall be deemed to be  solely liable and entirely responsible for any and all specifications in the Payment Token including without limitation Product Type, Product Consumption limit, Restrictions, Holiday restrictions etc. .


b)      The Accountholder(s) shall be primarily & solely responsible for any and all restrictions or Specifications in the Payment Token which are hereby unconditionally agreed to be set by the Accountholder(s).


c)      ADNOC Distribution is totally exempted from any responsibility of whatsoever nature for any direct or indirect consequences linked to restrictions or Specifications in the Payment Token irrespective whether set under any circumstance by ADNOC Distribution upon the specific request of the Accountholder(s). For avoidance of doubt, it may be noted that in any event of ADNOC Distribution setting the Payment Token upon specific request of the Accountholder(s), the Accountholder(s) shall continue to remain obligated for verifying the accuracy and correctness of the Payment Token through the CSP.


d)      ADNOC Distribution is exempted from any responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences linked to any fraudulent use or non-accordance use with these terms and conditions.


e)      SMART Tag shall be used for Specific Vehicles irrespective of the User and could be used by anyone. For all other Payment Tokens, ADNOC Distribution Company employees at the Service Stations shall not be responsible for any verifications of the User or the vehicle.


f)       There shall no restrictions entered from Service Stations, C Stores, RFIC Centre while creation and issuing of any token.


5.15.  In case the tag falls of the vehicle for any reason including deliberate tampering and is placed in another vehicle for usage or used without placing in any vehicle, the Accountholder(s) is still liable for the transactions conducted .In case of occurrence of such an event the Accountholder(s) shall have to suspend or terminate token through CSP or through written notification being submitted directly to or schedule appointment and visit RFIC Centre for replacement with applicable fees.


5.16.  If a request is made by  Customer for tag to be installed in a vehicle which belongs to another owner etc., the tag may installed upon discretion of the Company if such a vehicle does not exist in any other account or copy of agreement or authorization letter of the owner must be submitted. In future if an Accountholder(s)  who may be the owner of the vehicle requests for a SMART Tag which has been installed by another Accountholder(s)  as it was owned by him earlier or taken as per an agreement , then upon verification of the Accountholder(s)  as the owner as per vehicle registration , the Company shall suspend or terminate the existing vehicle tag without any request from current Accountholder(s)  and install the same on the actual owner vehicle irrespective of any agreement that may exist between the owner and the old Accountholder(s) .


5.17.  Corporate Prepaid Account shall have maximum allowable Account Balance as decided by the Company which is subject to change from time to time as decided by the Company. Once the Account reaches its maximum allowable balance then account balance have to be utilized below the maximum allowable balance to perform top up.




6.1.      Using an Account means using all functions, products and services of ADNOC Wallet and hence it includes Account, Beneficiary and Tokens. For e.g. If a token is used to make transactions such as payments then it also means that the account has been used to make transactions.


6.2.      The Accountholder(s) (s) shall abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement and be liable for all charges incurred in connection with the use of the Account. The Accountholder(s)  accepts full responsibility for all Account/token transactions made by the use of his Account/token, whether or not made with his knowledge or his authority, notwithstanding the termination of this agreement


6.3.      The Accountholder(s) shall exercise all due care and attention to prevent the loss of and/or use of his Account/token/PIN/OTP/Username/Password Account Credentials by any third party. At no time and under no circumstances shall the Accountholder(s) disclose his PIN/ OTP/Username/Password or any other credentials to anyone The Accountholder(s) shall be solely responsible for any use/misuse of the Account/Token/PIN/OTP/credentials and shall not be released from any obligations from any transactions in respect thereof or relating to, in connection with or arising out of the present agreement.


6.4.      The Accountholder(s) is entirely responsible for all activities which occur under his account, including unauthorized use of his or any other credit card/other bank cards/ tokens, OTP/ PIN/ Password. You must notify us immediately if you become aware of any unauthorized user access and seek a replacement PIN/password etc.


6.5.      The Accountholder(s) shall be entirely responsible for all payments made in his account or performing purchase transactions. The Accountholder(s)  shall pay the Company all dues immediately in cash in case when the Company have to return payment to bank or anyone or payment does  not credited or payment have been charge backed   for purchase or top up  transaction made by a fraudulent bank card , unauthorized bank card, unauthorized token.


6.6.      The Accountholder(s) is responsible for the user access and authorizes Operational or Financial Amin to manage the ADNOC Wallet Account through Username/Password/PIN or any other credentials assigned by the Account Holder.


6.7.      The Accountholder(s) shall inform the Service Station attendant to fuel through SMART tag prior to fueling. The signed copy of receipt shall not be conclusive evidence to ascertain or to authenticate a transaction.


6.8.      All tokens are issued after quality control check and hence manufacturing defect is checked at the same time for tokens including but not limited to SMART Tag and ADNOC plus Card.  Hence any token replacement is subject to charge/fees by the Company.


6.9.       SMART Tags are generally tamperproof and the Account holder is responsible for the safekeeping of the SMART Tag .For SMART Tag, the first fueling shall be considered as the proof of SMART Tag functionality, if the tag is found defective, the Accountholder(s) shall have to visit and inform at the RFIC Centre within 7 days of the tag installation .However the Company has the right to identify whether it is the case of manufacturing defect provided no prior fuelling has taken place. If it is identified not to be a manufacturing defect then the customer shall have to pay replacement fees for damaged, lost token etc. The maximum warranty period for a manufacturing defective SMART tag is 3 months and identification of manufacturing defect upon reporting by the Accountholder(s) within the specified period shall be at the sole discretion of the Company.


6.10.  On determination by the Company that an ADNOC Plus card suffers manufacturing defect, a replacement card shall be provided at no extra charge, provided the subject card has not been used and it is reported within 7 days of issuance.


6.11.  An Account/Beneficiary/Token can be activated, suspended or terminated by the Accountholder(s). However the Company reserves the right to levy a fee for reactivation of Account/Beneficiary/Token.


6.12.  For an Account/Beneficiary/Token certain features, services, data can be modified by the Accountholder(s)  through ADNOC Wallet or through ADNOC SMART Services Centres for which the Company reserves the right to levy a fee.


6.13.  In event of any Damage/Loss of the token by the Accountholder(s), the Company reserves the right to levy a fee for providing of replacement token. For any changes sought by the Accountholder(s) in respect of his lost /Stolen/Suspended/Modification/Damaged Account/token the Accountholder(s) may apply through their ADNOC Wallet Account via CSP or at ADNOC SMART Services Centres. However for any replacement the Accountholder(s) shall have to visit the Company RFIC Centre along with an original emirates id of the Accountholder(s) /operational admin or recipient as authorized by Accountholder(s)   or request through ADNOC Wallet Account via CSP. The change may be done as per scheduled appointment. In cases where the balance available in the Account is below the minimum required amount, to avail any replacement token the Accountholder(s) shall have to pay a minimum amount as determined by the COMPANY. The minimum amount paid by the Accountholder(s) shall cover the applicable replacement fees and any amount above that would be available in the Account for consumption. 


6.14.  The Accountholder(s) shall register and use only one SMART Tag for each vehicle he registers with such account and for which the token is assigned unless it is a dual inlet. If more than one token exists for same vehicle then all previous Account/tokens or any Account/token shall be blocked by the Company unless such an additional token is approved by the Company based on the vehicle capabilities e.g. vehicle with factory manufactured double tanks. The Accountholder(s) shall promptly notify the Company of any change of registered vehicle number(s) and apply for removal of SMART tag through CSP ADNOC Wallet and visit the Company RFIC Centre for removal of SMART tag as per scheduled appointment .Copy of registration should be provided along with request if the request involves vehicle to be registered. If the change in ownership is not notified the Accountholder(s) shall be liable for any transaction occurring from the SMART tag/token.


6.15.  The Accountholder(s)  consents to the use or disclosure to any third party by the Company of any information relating to his account with the Company or his personal or corporate details for marketing, administrative, account collection or credit check purposes.


6.16.  The token may be used until their expiry dates and thereafter be requested for renewal/replacement through ADNOC Wallet or directly at Company premises. Only ID card can be renewed in the same card whereas for other tokens a replacement will be provided from the permitted ADNOC SMART Services Centre after deducting the applicable fees.


6.17.  Accountholder(s) or ADNOC Agent /RFIC Coordinator upon Accountholder(s) request will be allowed to suspend an account, a beneficiary or a token for a period of up to 6 months.. No fee will be levied for reactivation of a voluntary suspension.


6.18.  The Company shall suspend or terminate at its discretion a token if it is not used for a period of 6 months. A fee will be levied for reactivation of such suspended token(s) at the sole discretion of the Company.


6.19.  Any credit balance that is due to be received by the  customer from the service station after conducting a purchase transaction using a bank card shall be dealt by the customer with their respective bank directly. In case of any delay in crediting an account that has been topped up using a Bank Card due to whatsoever reason, then the Accountholder(s) shall have to contact their respective bank in order to have the money credited. 


6.20.  The installation of the SMART Tags shall be done by RFIC Centre or Mobile installation Units for the specific vehicle registration number as per Accountholder(s) s request. The Accountholder(s) shall be responsible for any installation made on a wrong vehicle and any unauthorisied installation will void any warranty on the SMART Tag.


6.21.  Management of the ADNOC Wallet Account including but not limited any activity done through CSP is the responsibility of the Accountholder(s) and any agent authorized by the Accountholder(s). In case an Account is terminated by the Accountholder(s) directly through CSP or by ADNOC Agent at the request of the Accountholder(s) then all the Beneficiaries, all payment tokens under the Beneficiary and hence under the Account shall be terminated and cannot be reinitiated or reactivated. If a beneficiary is being terminated then the beneficiary and all payment tokens under the beneficiary shall be terminated. The Accountholder(s) may activate, suspend or terminate an account, beneficiary or payment taken. The Accountholder(s) shall bear all responsibility on the occurrence of any modification in Account/Beneficiary or payment token status and shall have to pay applicable as per discretion of the Company if the Accountholder(s) requires to replace the token. The Company is excluded from any liability for such an event.


6.22.  Delay or Refusal to Act on Instructions and non availability of Services.


a)            The Accountholder(s) s shall be responsible and ensure to maintain sufficient balance in the Account/ prior to effecting any transaction. In cases where the use of the Account exceeds the available balance the Accountholder(s) shall be liable for the immediate payment of the full sum of the transaction in cash.

b)            The Company reserves the right to refuse any service against an Account and its beneficiaries and tokens without assigning any reason or prior notice to the Accountholder(s) if it knows of/or suspects a breach of security or fraudulent use/misuse of the Account etc. In such cases the Company also reserves the right to block, terminate the services of the Account and refuse refund of available balance in the Account.


c)            The Company reserves the right to refuse any service against an Account/Token without any reason or prior notice to the Accountholder(s) if it knows of/or suspects a breach of security or fraudulent use/misuse of the Account/Token etc. In such cases the Company also reserves the right to block, terminate the services of the Account/Token.


d)            The Company may at any time, without any prior notice, and without giving any reason refuse to act on an instruction, and withdraw, or suspend the Accountholder(s) s right to use the Account, and thus its beneficiary and tokens or impose limits on all or some categories of transactions carried out with the Account/token. The Company shall not be liable for any loss arising from any delay on its part on acting upon or carrying out on any instructions.  


e)            Due to events which may not permit the transaction to be done online or if a station is offline, Debit Notes could be issued, Offline transaction could be conducted at the sole discretion of the Company for availing products and services at the site .The Accountholder(s) may not hold the Company liable for these transactions or misuse of Account/token by going above the limit allowed and shall be liable to pay for these transactions without disputing. If the Account holder disagrees to this then he shall have an option to pay for the transaction in cash. In all cases where the use of the Account exceeds the available balance the Accountholder(s) shall be liable for the immediate payment of the full sum of the transaction in cash.


Validity of tokens:


f)       Smart Tag (RFID chip)- One Year starting from 01 Jan 2021

g)      Emirates ID (until expiry)

h)      ADNOC Plus card- 5 Years




7.1.      The Account Facility and related services is subject to the Company’s schedule of fees and charges as published from time to time. Details for these fees as below and charges are also available either on the Company Website or CSP or through Customer Interaction Centre at 800300.A schedule of the fees and charges may be obtained from ADNOC SMART Service centres upon request or through Customer Interaction Centre at 800300.



Fees (AED)

Tag Installation work order request

52.50 (Inclusive of VAT)

Tag Replacement request

52.50 (Inclusive of VAT)

Annual Service fee for RFID token

26.25 (Inclusive of VAT)

Fuel and Non-Fuel card Personalization (ADNOC Plus)




7.2.      The Company shall be entitled at its sole discretion to vary the rate or method of calculation of the fees, additional fees for services. The Accountholder(s) acknowledges that administration fees charged for the services provided, issue/replacement fees for payment tokens or any other fees associated with the Account are subject to change from time to time.


7.3.      Any changes in fees shall be effective from official announcement date on the notice or website or any other communication mode as decided by the Company.



8.1.      The credit can be made available to the Account with cash in U.A.E Dirham currency from the Company premises through Cash or through ADNOC Wallet by way of Bank Card.


8.2.      The Accountholder(s)   authorizes the Company to act upon any instruction to debit an Account/Bank Card received through CSP ADNOC Wallet or ADNOC SMART Services Centre/RFIC Centre/Call Centre  which has been transmitted using the Password/PIN/OTP/Signature and/or any other authentication process which we may require to be used in connection with managing account through ADNOC Wallet or through ADNOC Agents without requiring the Company to make any further authentication or enquiry, and all such debits shall constitute Accountholder(s)  liability.


8.3.      Upon receipt of a proper and complete request from the Accountholder(s)   for a Top-Up we will debit the Account and provide a credit of the amount of Top-Up transferred for the benefit of the pre-paid account held. The Company shall receive the amount of top up through cash/bank card directly at selected ADNOC SMART Services Centre or by customer directly through bank/credit card through ADNOC Wallet.


8.4.      The ADNOC SMART System through  ADNOC Wallet or ADNOC SMART Agents  may limit to effect a limited number of Top-Ups and/or Top-Ups to a limited value over specific time periods as deemed necessary by the Company. You will be automatically notified through the Company Website and/or ADNOC Wallet when these limits are reached or should attempt to effect Top-Ups in excess of the limits. The Accountholder(s) shall carefully examine any Top-Up information received through SMS/email or provided by the Company through ADNOC Wallet and shall report any errors or omissions immediately. If it is not reported then there it will assumed to be correct. The top up amount cannot be refunded unless amount have been wrongly debited multiple times by the Company which is decided upon the discretion of the Company.


8.5.      The Accountholder(s) shall be liable to settle payments for purchases of products, services and top up transactions irrespective of whether they have made dispute to the bank/third party for payment done for these transactions or irrespective of whether the bank/third party have for whatever reason refunded the Accountholder(s) by not honoring payment to the Company or deducting it from the Company. The Accountholder(s) is responsible to settle all dues as per Company records irrespective of any reason. No claim against Bank/third party shall be subject of claim against the Company and have to resolve directly by the Accountholder(s) against Bank/Third Party without the involvement of the Company.



8.6.      The Accountholder(s) is responsible and ensures that only sufficient top up is made to account i.e. does not make huge amounts of top up to kept as balances in account .There shall be no refund whatsoever be the reason.


8.7.      The amount of any transaction originated in a currency other than U.A.E/ Dirhams shall be converted to U.A.E Dirhams .Any currency conversion fee shall also be borne by the customer.



9.1.      The Accountholder(s) shall immediately block his Account/token directly through his ADNOC Wallet Account for any loss/theft/misuse of his Account/token or if the pin/password/credentials is lost/forgotten/disclosed to any other party. The Accountholder(s) shall also immediately report and notify to the Company of any loss/theft/misuse of his Account/token for blocking his Account/token or if the pin/password/credentials is lost/forgotten/disclosed to any other party and to confirm as soon as possible to the Company to block his Account/token through SMART Services Centre along with authorized written request.. The Accountholder(s) shall be primarily responsible for the security of the Account/token and for all transactions arising from its use/misuse up to the time of Company’s actual receipt of such notice from the Accountholder(s) in this regard. Up to such time that the Accountholder(s) blocks his account/token through ADNOC wallet or notifies the Company, any and all charges incurred or suffered from the use/misuse of the Account/token shall be on Accountholder(s)’s account, and as such the Accountholder(s) shall not be released of his obligations in respect thereof.


9.2.      On receiving a written request the Company may at its absolute discretion decide to reactivate a blocked Account/token through SMART Services Centre /Call Centre or directly applied by customer through ADNOC Wallet CSP or done directly wherever permissible. .


9.3.      The Accountholder(s) may also request directly through ADNOC SMART Services Centre /Call Centre or through CSP to block his Account/token temporarily for a maximum period as determined by the Company.


9.4.      The Company upon receiving a written request may at its absolute discretion issue/install a replacement token for any lost or stolen token or issue a new PIN/Password on receiving a written request or directly by applied or done wherever permissible by the Accountholder(s) through ADNOC Wallet on prevailing Terms and Conditions or such conditions the Company may deem fit and necessary under the circumstances.



10.1.  This agreement may be requested to be terminated at any time by the Accountholder(s) by giving notice in writing along with original Emirates ID Card (both sides) directly at the   SMART Services Centre or directly through CSP. Upon such request all account beneficiaries and tokens will be terminated immediately and The Company reserves the right to apply any further fees deemed expedient and necessary in future.


10.2.  Credit Balances are maintained in the Account irrespective of token limits. Account balances shall not be refundable or transferable. Account Balance shall have to be utilized by the Accountholder(s) prior to termination of the Account .In case the account is terminated then any available balance shall be deducted by the Company as Account closure charges and shall not be refunded. A terminated account shall not be reactivated.


10.3.  Erroneous amount paid through Bank Card error made by the bank may be refunded by the Company at its sole discretion and shall have to reported through an authorized written request and evidence of an error by bank within 5 days of such a top up transaction and the refund will be in same mode as it was paid unless otherwise decided by the Company. It is the responsibility of the Accountholder to ensure that the card used for the transaction is valid. Administration charges will apply for both Individual Prepaid and Corporate Prepaid Account.


10.4.  The Company shall apply Account maintenance fees annually if there is no consumption/usage of the account for a period of 12 months and the account was not terminated prior to completion of 12 months. If there is no sufficient balance in the account to deduct the account maintenance fee then the available balance shall be deducted immediately and the account may be suspended/terminated at the sole discretion of the Company. To reactivate the account if it is suspended then the accountholder shall have to pay the account maintenance fee for the period elapsed.   However all balance in the Account shall be forfeited and taken by the Company if it’s unutilized by the Accountholder(s) for a period of minimum 3 years.


10.5.  The Company reserves the right to terminate this Agreement or any of the Services that are described herein by giving written notice. The Agreement may also be terminated by the Company immediately without notice in case of the following events- 


i)        Non Payment of Fees/Charges.

ii)      Bankruptcy, dissolution, liquidation and/or any other action or legal proceedings against the Accountholder(s).

iii)    Non-use of the Account by the Accountholder(s) for a period of 6 months. Account maintenance fee will be applied in the event of no consumption in account as per clause 10.4.

iv)    Unreported changes in Ownership, nature or place of the business of the Account Holder.

v)      Violation of any terms or conditions of the Agreement.


Upon any termination of the Account, the Account Holder shall immediately cease the use of the Account. Also, all outstanding dues shall become immediately due and payable and the Accountholder(s) shall also be liable to pay all applicable charges.

Termination shall not affect any of our rights or your obligations arising under this Agreement prior to termination.



11.1.  Requests shall only be accepted from the Accountholder(s) on being supported by current valid identification or through any duly authorized person presenting on his behalf along with written request and authorized signature when done through ADNOC SMART Services Centre. Requests can also be made wherever permissible through usage of Account access credentials at CSP. (Request made by a Company shall be on its letterhead signed by authorized signatory).


The Company shall not be liable in the event that it is unable to fulfill its liabilities arising from these terms and conditions, caused directly or indirectly by a failure of an appliance or a communication system, defect or damaging of the Account/token, industrial disputes, acts of war, circumstances of force majeure or for any other circumstances beyond its control.



13.1.  The Company shall not be liable of any damage, loss whatsoever, caused to or suffered by the Accountholder(s)   that occurs to users or others resulting (a)from the misuse of the Account/token management system,(b)the malfunction of any terminal or disruption of communication systems(c)the enforcements of Company’s rights as herein provided (d)any injury to the credit character and reputation of the Accountholder(s)  in and about the repossession of the Account/token (e) any misstatement ,misrepresentation , error or omission in any details disclosed by the Company f)any transactions that may be the result of a fraudulent act (g) any dispute between the Accountholder(s)  or  third party between the Company .


13.2.  The Accountholder(s)  shall indemnify the Company against all actions, claims, costs, damages and expenses, including costs, expenses and attorney’s fees which the Company may suffer or sustain as result of (a) any actions, omissions or breach by the user (b) the enforcements of Company’s rights as herein provided. All costs and expenses including attorney’s fees incurred by the Company in enforcing and seeking to enforce these terms and conditions or otherwise shall be paid by the Accountholder(s).


13.3.  The Accountholder(s) shall neither hold the Company responsible for the goods or services by any dealer nor the quality of goods and services supplied in connections with any Account/token transaction.


13.4.  The Accountholder(s) shall neither hold the Company responsible nor raise any claims against the Company if any person does not accept or refuses to accept the Account/token for any reason.


13.5.  The Accountholder is obliged to read and obey each rule in the Self Service Terminal before refueling to his/her vehicle, and therefore shall take full responsibility and release COMPANY of all liabilities, costs, expenses and attorney fees for any loss, damage, accidents experienced by the Accountholders due to his/her negligence in complying with the COMPANY's rules.


13.6.  Loss Or Damage Associated with Your Account/token Account: - Irrespective of any further provisions of these terms and conditions the Company shall not be responsible for any losses, damage, inadequacy, inconvenience, costs or expenses which you or another person may incur in connection with these terms and conditions. This also applies that any Accountholder(s) ’s action or accession to any communication required or instruction, detention of his Account or request for its returning, non-functionality or defect of an appliance or authorization system, transmission connection or, any token damage or inability to load data kept on Account, for whatever reason.


13.7.  While Every care has been taken in preparing the information and  materials contained in ADNOC Wallet portal, such information and material are provided to you “ AS IS” without warranty of any kind either express or whether express or implied, as to the reliability of the information contained on this website and/or CSP. The information is believed to be accurate and current at the date the information was placed on this CSP  


13.8.  Company does not accept any responsibility arising in any way (including negligence) for errors in, or omissions from, the information contained in this CSP and its use is at your sole risk. Company shall not be liable for any losses or damages or expenses (Including legal costs) whatsoever arising out of or referable to material on this website or accessed through CSP, even if Company has been advised of the possibility of such damage.


13.9.   Company does not represent or warrant that this website or CSP will be available and meet your requirement that access will be uninterrupted, that there will be no delays, failures, errors or omissions or loss of transmitted information that no viruses or other contaminating or destructive properties will be transmitted or no damage will occur to your computer system. You have sole responsibility for adequate protection and backup of data and/or equipment and to undertake responsible and appropriate precautions to scan for computer viruses or other destructive properties.


13.10.    Company makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, functionality or performance of the any third party software that may be used in connection with this website or CSP.


13.11.    Any software downloaded from this website or CSP is at your own risk and the Company neither assumes nor accepts liability for any loss or damage(whether direct or   indirect ),howsoever caused, as a result of any computer virus , trojan  horses ,worms or similar items or processes arising from your use of this web site and/or ADNOC portal where such events arose out of circumstances  outside Company’s reasonable control   


13.12.    Any hypertext link from this website or CSP exist for information purposes and are for your covariance only and the Company  accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly(including specific ,incidental or consequential loss or damage)from the accuracy or otherwise of materials or information contained on the pages of such sites or loss arising  directly or indirectly  from defects with such sites linked .The Company inclusion of hyperlinks does not imply any endorsement of the materials on such sites linked

13.13.    The  Company accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly (including special, incidental or consequential loss or damage ) from the failure of any internet transmission (including E-mails correspondence )from the website or CSP,  its contents or associated services ,or due to any unavailability of the website or any part thereof or any contents or associated services , where such events arose out of circumstances outside the Company’s reasonable control



14.1.  Unless evidenced to be notified otherwise by the Accountholder(s) the address provided by the Account Holder to the Company shall be the address for any communication with the Accountholder(s) .




15.1.  No course of dealing nor any delay or omission in exercising any right or remedy shall be construed as waiver of any right or remedy by the Company.




16.1.  Failure to abide by any of the terms and conditions shall result in immediate termination of this agreement, cancellation of the Accountholder(s) s account and the Accountholder(s) shall further be liable for all costs and consequences arising thereof.




17.1.  The Company reserves the right to amend, modify, vary or supplement any Terms and Conditions or fees, as deemed necessary, by giving notice thereof to the Accountholder(s)  by any means which the Company deems fit and such amendment, modification, variation or supplement shall take effect between the Accountholder(s)  and the Company as from the date specified in such notice or in the absence thereof, as from the date of such notice or such amendment, modification, variation or supplement shall take effect between the Accountholder(s)  and the Company without any notice .  The Accountholder(s) shall not be entitled under this agreement to assign rights and liabilities to any other party.


17.2.  Retention of the Account/token(s) or use of the account and all other products or Services of the Company through the account after the effective date of any such change of terms and conditions shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of such changes without reservation by the Accountholder(s).




18.1.  The Accountholder(s) shall be liable for UAE VAT, all taxes, imposts, duties, withholding taxes, charges or other assessments applicable to the Agreement or which become applicable in connection with this Agreement.


18.2.  If a change in the law  in the UAE or Abu  Dhabi relating to UAE VAT, taxes, imposts, levies,  duties, withholding taxes, charges or other assessments of this nature  comes into effect after the Accountholder(s) ‘Acceptance of the Terms’, these shall solely be borne by the  Accountholder(s) and the Accountholder(s)  shall be  liable and hereby undertakes to pay all such taxes,  imposts, levies, duties, withholding taxes, charges or other  assessments of the nature at the applicable rates under the applicable law in addition to the fees or charges otherwise payable under this Agreement without any deductions, claims or counter claims .


18.3.  The Accountholder shall be liable for payment of UAE VAT, all taxes, imposts, duties, withholding taxes, charges or other assessments now or hereafter assessed, imposed or levied or which may be levied in the future by the Government of Abu Dhabi or any other Governmental authority of the UAE.


18.4.  The amount of such UAE VAT, taxes, imposts, duties, withholding taxes, charges or other assessments will be accordingly invoiced to the Accountholder(s).




19.1.   In the implementation of this contract, the Accountholder(s)  undertakes to observe good faith and warrants in their dealings that it shall neither do anything nor refrain from doing anything which might in any way prejudice or detract from the rights or interests of the Company.




20.1.  This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Abu Dhabi and the applicable Federal Laws of the UAE and the Parties hereby irrevocably submit & agree that the courts of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine any action or proceeding and to settle any disputes which may arise out of or in relation to this Agreement.