Corporate social responsibility

We want our people and society to benefit from our presence. Our projects and operations have the potential to benefit local communities by creating jobs, supporting development initiatives and providing opportunities for local suppliers.

We listen & we care!

We listen, respond and collaborate with our customers and the communities that we operate in. We’ve set up formal grievance channels and are using a variety of engagement techniques, from site visits, workshops and meetings to distributing literature.

Through our Customer Interaction Centre, we have implemented a structured process of registering, verifying and investigating feedback. Corrective actions are put into effect to ensure legitimate complaints are addressed and adverse effects mitigated as soon as possible.

We conduct regular surveys – Mystery Shoppers and Customer Interaction Calls - to capture customers’ expectations and priorities. Customer relationship at our service stations and convenience stores is developed and sustained through our sales managers Supporting social development Being the UAE’s largest fuel supplier, we periodically assess our community’s needs and expectations and try to provide more services to them. We also contribute to social investment and community development programs.


Ramadan Community Initiatives

ADNOC Distribution's 2017 Ramadan activities were focused on promoting charitable and socially responsible initiatives including improved road safety, help for community support institutions, campaigns centered on the breaking of the fast (Iftar) campaigns, and other activities designed to heighten community awareness and sharing.

The company’s ‘Sweet Reminder, Safe Ramadan’ campaign provided water and dates at 50 service stations on the UAE’s highways and reminded drivers to abide by traffic rules and regulations while breaking their fast (Iftar) and reach their destinations safely. ADNOC Distribution is a strategic partner of the Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation, which has supplied a total of 1.7 million meals for 542 families during the Ramadan fasting project.

The Company played its part in supporting the work of the Foundation by providing at least 8,000 cylinders of liquefied gas at nominal prices for families in need. The company also supported other UAE civil charities, such as the charity organizations run by the Ajman and Maliah Sports Clubs and the distribution of meals in service stations in the Emirates of Ajman and Fujairah for customers breaking their fasts.

In the final days of this year’s Holy Month, ADNOC Distribution organized the eighth Umrah trip in cooperation with the Khorfakkan Club for the Disabled to allow five ‘people of determination’ to perform Umrah rituals during Ramadan.

Improving traffic safety

In March 2017, ADNOC Distribution played a leading role is supporting the GCC Traffic Week taking place across the GCC region. The 33rd edition of the annual GCC Traffic Week ran under the theme of ‘Your Life is Trust’. Through its nationwide service station network, ADNOC Distribution undertook a range of initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of adhering to speed limits, avoiding using mobile phones behind the wheel, driving with a secure seat belt on, and refraining from parking in spots designated for people with special needs. In the same month, ADNOC Distribution’s service stations also participated in the ‘Your life is more important’ campaign organized by the UAE Ministry of Interior, which sought to raise awareness of the importance of road safety and responsible driving.

Supporting charitable fundraising campaigns

ADNOC Distribution has supported a range of charity fundraising campaigns in the UAE based on local community donations offered through ADNOC Oasis stores at service stations. The latest initiative is the provision of aid boxes from the UAE Red Crescent and Ajman Charity made available during the Holy Month of Ramadan.