Corporate Social Responsibility

We want our people and society to benefit from our presence. Our projects and operations have the potential to benefit local communities by creating jobs, supporting development initiatives and providing opportunities for local suppliers.

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As the UAE’s largest fuel and convenience retailer, we are committed to giving back to the communities we operate in. We are continually looking at ways to invest in social initiatives and community development programs to create a positive impact in the lives of our people, society and the environment.


  • Happy Winter

The ‘Happy Winter’ initiative was rolled out in partnership with ADNOC Distribution and ZonesCorp to protect labor workers from winter conditions. More than 5,000 ‘Happy Winter’ kits, containing a warm hat and scarf, were distributed to workers who spend their time outdoors for extended periods.

Many ADNOC Distribution employees participated by volunteering to distribute the kits at the ZoneCorp accommodation facilities, as part of both companies’ commitment to community service.


  • Bag for Life

At ADNOC Distribution, we are committed to encouraging responsible use of resources and protecting the environment. Developed in partnership with the Ministry of Climate Change & Environment, ADNOC Distribution pledged to reduce single-use plastic bags and launched a ‘Do you need a bag’ campaign across 134 C-stores in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Upon checkout, retail staff began asking customers “do you need a bag?” to encourage those with small purchases or those who don’t need one, to refuse plastic bags.

Customers also responded to our ‘Bag for Life’ campaign, with many purchasing our reusable bags, which are made of 75% jute vegetable fiber and 25% cotton.

Throughout the campaign, ADNOC Oasis convenience stores managed to reduce the use of single-used plastic bags by 40 percent.           


  • Rahma Campaign

In this initiative led by ADNOC LNG, ADNOC Distribution supported with distributing water bottles and juices to 12,000 people who worked outdoors in Abu Dhabi and Al Dhafra. The Rahma campaign supported the decision to prevent any work under direct sunlight between 12:30pm to 3:00pm.

This project was coordinated with the summer midday break period, during which laborers, construction workers and other outdoor workers were prohibited from working under the sun during peak daylight hours.


  • Have a Healthy Day

The health and safety of our employees and customers remains our highest priority.  ADNOC Distribution organized and administered free health screenings to more than 500 people at four ADNOC stations in Abu Dhabi and Al Dhafra. In coordination with VPS Healthcare, we conducted the public awareness campaign in Al Mushrif, Mahawi North, Madinat Zayed and Ghayathi. We placed a mobile health unit in each station for two days, distributed 925 first-aid kits and conducted health screenings for 515 customers.


  • Iftar Boxes

To celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, and in collaboration with Emirates Red Crescent, ADNOC Distribution employees volunteered to help drivers break their fast, by distributing Iftar boxes containing items such as dates and water.

The initiative was held in 100 service stations across seven Emirates to help relieve drivers passing through our service stations during the Iftar period, who may be rushing home to enjoy Iftar with their loved ones. 

ADNOC Distribution volunteers delivered 116,000 Iftar boxes to our clients in 100 service station across UAE


  • KSA National Day

ADNOC Distribution celebrated Saudi National Day to highlight the close relationship between the UAE and KSA, the leaders and their people. All customers from Saudi Arabia who visited ADNOC Distribution service stations in the Al Dhafrah region were greeted with a warm welcome and handed giveaways which included scarfs and flags.